The Situ Scale, which came from as a Kickstarter Task, is an iPad-connected food scale that’s created to provide a more precise photo of the calorie and nutrient material in the food you’re consuming by gauging part dimension in ounces or grams as well as keeping nutrition details in an accompanying iPad app.
You can take a handful of biscuits or an apple, place it on the scale, and obtain a calorie as well as nutrient estimation that’s based on weight, which is a lot more accurate than utilizing a nourishment measuring application alone. In numerous apps, the only choice would certainly be to go into ‘medium sized apple’ or ’13 Goldfish crackers,’ whereas the Situ Scale could use the weight of just what you’re eating for a quicker, much more trusted measurement.
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I went hands-on with the Situ Scale and also I was excited with exactly what it has the possible to do, but there are some guaranteed cautions to the product. I had no problems about the scale itself, but as you’ll see in my testimonial, this is not a product that’s visiting help everybody due to the restrictions of the iPad app.

The Scale

The Situ Scale looks and operates a lot like other scales one may buy for the household kitchen. It’s made from a smooth white glass-topped plastic that was a great aesthetic fit in my kitchen as well as is likely to match with the majority of cooking area decor. It’s huge sufficient to hold a huge bowl, but not so large that it used up a too much amount of kitchen counter space.
It’s powered by two batteries and also managed by an on/off turn on the side. When switched on, it sets with an iPad over Bluetooth, a function that worked perfectly. Each time I turned it on it attached to my iPad within a matter of secs, without fall short. Other than the Bluetooth connection, it works as any sort of various other kitchen scale. There are rubber feet under to increase it up somewhat and keep it from sliding about on a countertop.
The scale actions food in grams or in ounces. It’s able to measure food products positioned straight on it or in a dish or container after the weight of the container is tared. Taring is done by placing the empty bowl on the scale and also pressing the switch on the leading to zero it out.
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Food weight the scale senses is immediately transferred to the iPad, where the coming with Situ Scale app can be utilized to determine the kind of food, adding its nutrients and calorie matter to your everyday plate.

The App

Because the scale itself does little past transferring weight to the iPad over Bluetooth, it’s the application that consists of all the meaningful features that make the Situ Scale ‘smart,’ equating weight right into different foods as well as including up the nutritional worth of just what you’re eating.
For a product like the Situ Scale, the capability of the app is unbelievably essential, as well as sadly, the Situ application is missing a bunch of essential attributes right now. With many calorie tracking applications on the marketplace, there’s a large data source of foods and an option to include foods that typically aren’t consisted of because data source, considering that to obtain an accurate action of just what you’re eating, you have to track each and also every point that enters your body.
With the Situ app, there is no chance to add your own foods, and also the database that’s included is instead restricted. You can include an item like potato chips, but there’s no chance to set apart in between a common bag of Lays potato chips and also a bag of baked chips.
Both are ‘potato chips,’ yet have really different dietary profiles. Measuring the chips you’re consuming utilizing the app’s potato chip access is typically going to be inaccurate, which squashes measuring by weight to begin with. The potato chip instance is true of a bunch of various foods – the included data source is restricted in scope and is unlikely to consist of accurate details for every one of the foods that you eat on a day-to-day basis.
There are a vast variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, meats, as well as other entire foods in the database, so the app is potentially ideal for people who consume a healthy diet plan comprised of these kinds of foods. A whole foods diet regimen without preservatives and ingredients is exactly what the Situ Scale aims to urge, however much of us possibly eat a few pre-packaged foods every currently as well as then, which can not be precisely tracked.
Several basic foods I expected to discover were missing out on from the application, like sweet potato french fries, as well as others were identified unusually as well as were challenging to find. The app has both a search function and the capability to look with groups of foods like ‘Baking,’ ‘Bread,’ ‘Cheese,’ ‘Delicatessen Meat,’ as well as ‘Fruit,’ however some points are mis-categorized as well as others don’t show up in search when they should.
As an instance of the limited range of the application, here’s every little thing detailed in the refreshment group: acerola juice, coffee, grapefruit juice (pink), grapefruit juice (white), lemon juice, lime juice, passionfruit juice (purple), passionfruit juice (yellow), and tangerine juice. There’s no soft drink, no tea, no flavored waters, no Gatorade, or anything else one might frequently consume. Milk and also some comparable refreshments remain in the application, however typically aren’t specified in the ‘refreshments’ classification. As well as when a look for juice is carried out, you would certainly expect the previously mentioned refreshments to appear, but exactly what’s displayed is Healed Ham and Oscar Meyer.
apple iphoneThe results that turned up in a look for ‘pepper’
To utilize the application, you add food for each and every dish to a plate, which is a process that really feels cumbersome with a lot of steps. You require to situate the food that you’re looking for, such as cherries, pick the right choice (for cherries, you can choose ‘Sour, Red’ or ‘Sweet’), drag the little icon for cherries to home plate, and also repeat for every food. It’s a cutesy interaction, yet in technique, dragging each and also every thing to home plate is an annoyance, particularly considering that it’s not completely clear that you have to shorten a classification (finding, for instance, sour or wonderful with the cherries over) before being able to drag an item to the plate.
I do really eat and prepare with a bunch of whole food components that are located in the app, however when attempting to get a calorie count for some chili I was food preparation, I ran right into another significant issue. I was cooking a big pot of chili, greater than I ‘d eat in a solitary working in, and also while I might include all my components to the app, I couldn’t after that determine out a bowl of the chili to obtain a calorie count.
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All I can do was add the entire pot of chili to my plate, skewing my everyday calorie count. It would be incredibly helpful to be able to determine the calories and also weight of a meal as I cook it then use that info to figure out the nutrients in a solitary serving, yet that’s not possible in the application. Given that many of us probably don’t cook recipes in solitary serving portion sizes, also when you do take in meals comprised of foods in the application, it’s difficult to track them.
iphone 3gI didn’t consume all this chili, however I couldn’t split it right into portions
If your everyday dish plan contains something straightforward and also solitary working in like oatmeal for morning meal, a treat of almonds and also an apple, a lunch time of rice and also chicken boob, and also a dinner of salmon with broccoli, the Situ Scale is best considering that you could track all of those components. If you consume a hamburger from McDonald’s for lunch time then go home to cook a pasta dish for the household, it’s nearly impossible to track just what you have actually consumed.
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I have actually covered a great deal of the negatives in the application, however there are additionally a whole lot of useful functions for individuals which are able to eat within the borders of exactly what the Situ Scale can track. There’s a history and also a faves part making it simpler to add foods you eat regularly, and there’s a big amount of nutritional info readily available for foods that are in the database. It tracks calories, fat, protein and sugar web content, however it likewise tracks vitamins and also minerals.
Each meal’s nutrient material could be checked out detailed by tapping on ‘Existing Plate’ at the top of the application, as well as there’s additionally a ‘Past history’ tab. With ‘Past history,’ you could watch nutrition information for the last meal, day, week, or month, which works for getting a lengthy varying introduction of your total intake behaviors as well as health. The majority of the preferred calorie monitoring apps on the market do not provide this level of nutrient tracking.
There are also assesses you can make use of to track essential facets of just what you’re eating if you really want to maintain a close eye on your consumption of calories, fat, healthy protein, or other nutrients, as well as when including food to your plate, there’s an useful pullout drawer that makes including spices and oils you could not have to evaluate to your plate.
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You’re additionally able to enter your personal guidelines for calories, fat, sugar, and all specific vitamins as well as minerals if there are certain nutritional requirements you need to fulfill, as well as the app sustains several accounts so the scale could be utilized by greater than one family member.

Upcoming Improvements

I consulted with the two-person team behind the Situ Scale concerning my experience with the Situ application, and was told there are some major renovations in the works. My two key grievances concerning the application, the failure to include customized foods and the absence of portion splitting, are currently includes that will be included an approaching upgrade, set up for September. The application will certainly additionally be increased to the iPhone in the future.
An application upgrade that consists of user interface tweaks, bug fixes, as well as stability renovations has actually currently been submitted to Apple and will bring some instant enhancement to the method the app works.
As these days, there’s also an SDK for the Situ Scale, which will certainly allow third-party designers to include Situ Scale support to their apps. This will ideally bring about a much wider range of readily available applications that can be utilized with the scale in the future.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the United States, it’s visiting cost regarding $140 to obtain the Situ Scale shipped to you, which’s a lot to fork over for an item that’s hindered by an app that’s merely too barebones.
I like the scale itself as well as the concept behind it, and also I wish I could suggest it, but this is not a product that many people are going to locate beneficial until there’s an application upgrade that includes some much-needed functions. In the Situ’s current version, it’s much less annoying to buy a $15 food scale off of Amazon and also utilize it with a food database application that’s even more functional.
That stated, if you’re a person who eats a really simple entire foods diet plan, or an easy diet that’s accompanied just by extremely common snacks and packaged foods one might find in a supermarket, you could discover the scale as well as the application to be a beneficial tool that streamlines the procedure of nourishment monitoring.
After the guaranteed major app overhaul, the Situ Scale might end up being a whole lot much more useful, so I plan to revisit this testimonial as soon as there’s a brand-new application to work with. A revamped, extensive app with a simplified user interface that lets individuals enter their own items would go a lengthy means about enhancing the Situ experience.

  • Scale is very accurate
  • Bluetooth connects right away when application is opened
  • Nice, clean design


  • App needs serious improvement
  • Doesn’t support portioning
  • Doesn’t support custom foods
  • User interface is clunky

How to Buy

The Situ Scale could be bought from the Situ site for GBP79.99, or around $125. Shipping is offered worldwide, yet it will certainly cost an added $15 to have actually the scale shipped to the United States.
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