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Our serial-inventing buddy Dotan Saguy is back, this time with yet another super-smart iAccessory. It’s a little carrying case for your daily iPad basics, and it’s made to integrate with your iPd Smart Cover. It’s called the Smart Cargo, and it’s as resourceful as Dotan’s other Kickstarter projects like the Smarter Stand.

The Smart Freight is a small aluminum closet which stays with the Smart Cover with magnets. It’s a door through which you can fill it with styluses, cables, your cam connection kit, earbuds and anything else you could require.

The Payload then stays with the non-hinge end of the iPad cover, and it formed to fit inside the cover when you roll it up into its triangular stand format. Therefore you never need to eliminate it.

Th Kickstarter video reveals it in action, and demonstrated how well it works as a grip when you are carrying the iPad in your hand, fitting into your fingers and really appearing to make it much easier to carry.

I am tempted to utilize it as a place to store extra SD cards and batteries for my video camera, in addition to the cam connection kit and a little microfiber cloth. I also like the fact that you can just toss it into your bag need to you choose you want to utilize your iPad unencumbered.

As ever, Dotan is making this extremely cost effective. Early birds will have the ability to pitch just $15 to secure an order, and the regular Kickstarter rate will be $20. When it ships the RRP will be $30.

It’s an extremely creative idea. I simply wish i took my iPad to of your home nowadays – I normally get the mini instead.