Nest, the business behind the iPhone-connected Nest Learning Thermostat, is working with developing a smoke alarm, reports previous Wall Street Journal journalist Jessica Lessin. While information is scarce on the smoke detector, it’ll presumably be managed via an iPhone app similar to the Nest thermostat. According to AllThingsD, the item will be called ‘Secure.’

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The gadget will be the innovation company’s latest trojan horse into your house, which it wants to make as simple to control as a pc or smartphone. Think about it as the next node in the home network Nest is constructing device by device with the initial thermostat as the center.

According to Lessin, the smoke detector will have a great deal of ‘orderly’ functions that exceed standard smoke finding, consisting of a possible subscription monitoring service to from another location alert individuals if smoke or fire is found (AllThingsD disagrees, saying the item won’t include a subscription service). It may likewise interact with the Nest thermostat and identify carbon monoxide gas.

One person said the gadget could connect with the Nest thermostat, offering it a longer battery life by removing the demand for it to have its own battery-draining wi-fi chip. We likewise hear that Nest has actually gone over features like the ability to silence the alarm by waving a hand in front of it and the capability to identify carbon monoxide gas.

iPhone-connected home devices have been growing in appeal in current months. In addition to the Nest thermostat, there are a variety of other iPhone-controlled items offered, consisting of the Philips Hue lighting system and a variety of automatic locking systems like the Lockitron and the August Smart Lock.

Nest’s current item, the Nest Knowing Thermostat, can be bought from the Apple Store and other sellers for $249. Though there’s no prospective launch date on the smoke detector, Lessin’s sources suggest that it might be released as early as this year.