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You understand exactly what’s doing not have in the contemporary, virtual variation of Monopoly? If you responded to “Game includes to stop you from getting bored” or “Please God no, not another game of Monopoly,” then you ‘d be right. But those are not the answers I am looking for. The answer I am searching for is “dice.”

Now, this is (nearly) dealt with. The SmartRoll is a pair of dice [1] which communicate with your iPad using Bluetooth and let you roll genuine dice for virtual board games.

Except you can’t play Monopoly with them– yet. The dice come with three games (Trivia, Craps and Music Challenge), and send their result in the games immediately.

What’s that, you say? How can a dice packed (ha!) with electronics possibly be perfectly weighted? Due to the fact that the specs state so, that’s why: “Equally stabilized for truly random results” declares the item page. I am unsure about that. Is the maker going to guarantee that any and every coin-cell battery you make use of will have the specific same weight and weight distribution as the original? And that you’ll insert it properly?

Still, there are some cool functions that real dice can’t manage: they flash when in movement, and you’ll never ever have to include them up.

The price? Who knows– they are not yet for sale. However if you are a developer you can sign up for the SDK kit and get a pair to have fun with.