I am a little late to the party, in that I only tried out Snapchat recently. I’d problem seeing how an app that damaged images after only a few seconds was something I needed in my life. I lastly decided to give it a go though, and recognized I’d actually been losing out on a great social image app for a long period of time.

Snapchat works like pretty much any iOS camera app you are used to making use of, except all the images you develop and send with Snapchat delete themselves after they have been viewed. That’s really– go with me on this– rather orderly. I’ll run through what makes Snapchat such a great discover and exactly what sets it apart from the herd.

Take a Snap to Chat

Tap the button in the facility of the Snapchat window at the bottom to get your shot, or hold the button to develop a brief video. That little icon in the lower left that appears like a box will display a list of all of the snaps you have sent out and received. If you’ve anything new, you’ll get a little notice on that box. The camera icon gets you back to the Snapchat camera, and from there you can see all your buddies by tapping the menu icon in the lower right. Tap the Include icon up leading to look for friends currently making use of Snapchat or to invite your contacts.

Take a picture and decide how long your image should last.

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Take a photo and decide how long your image should last.

Once you’ve actually got your photo or video and have a pretty good idea to whom you want to send your masterpiece, you’ll need to know your next step. I am essentially in love with Snapchat, but I am the first to admit, it’s not obvious exactly what all of its icons are supposed to do. If you are looking at its bare interface and wondering, “Exactly what next?” do not worry, since I can help.

Find friends and send them your awesome photo.

Find friends and send them your awesome image.

In the lower left you’ll find an icon that sort of, perhaps, virtually looks like an analog clock. Perhaps. Tap that to set the lifespan of your image– how long it lasts until it self-destructs. Next over is the Download icon. That could seem unneeded in an app like Snapchat, a location for images you do not truly indicate to keep, but if you simply developed something so remarkable you can’t let it go, it’s nice to have the choice to save your work of art. Lastly, the blinking arrow sends your image. In the next screen you’ll choose your recipients and confirm that you are really okay with sending your little portrait along.

A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

You’ve actually got things to state. I know you do. That’s why you’ve 3 Tumblr blogs and a LiveJournal for your Apple Genius Bar fanfic. That’s insufficient, though. You should send out a message with your images, too. Snapchat doesn’t precisely let you do that– there’s no messaging feature– but there are some quite excellent captions. Tap anywhere on your image to bring up the keyboard. You just get one line of text, so keep it pithy.

Type out a caption or draw something amazing.

Type out a caption or draw something fantastic.

If that’s not your bag, I feel you. A black line with white text does not truly have the pizazz I am trying to find, either. Tap the pencil up top to start making use of your image instead. Drag up and down the color spectrum till you land in the right spot, and you can alter colors as many times as you desire while editing your image. Write out text or draw images on your image– do whatever you want. There’s a reverse icon to conserve you if you make a wrong step, and the pencil tool can be twitchy, so it’s not difficult to turn an artwork into something rather funky with a single finger swipe.

Why Am I Using This, Again?

I have been asked why anyone would make use of Snapchat. Exactly what’s the point? A great deal of individuals presume it’s simply for sending naughty pics and absolutely nothing else. Okay, sure, you can use it like that, which’s your company. Just keep in mind that though your picture could delete itself in three seconds, a screenshot of your snap lasts a lot longer and can easily end up on Facebook, so that’s going to be on you. You make that call.

I like to use Snapchat as a means to send dumb pictures to my buddies that I don’t want them to feel required to hang onto. The images I send are not anything I ‘d be embarrassed of if they were passed around, however they are simply not anything worth keeping. I am mostly sending photos of my new shoes, whatever I am seeing with a comical caption consisted of, or my cat explaining goodnight. The images are meaningful to my friends in the minute, especially those who live far and wish they were watching TELEVISION with me or might say goodnight to my cat face to face, however it’s nothing anybody needs to keep for the long term. Even if I simply sent those images using Messages or an additional instant messaging app, that information is getting downloaded and saved someplace on my friends’ phones. This way, they get to share a minute with me, perhaps respond, and afterwards get that bit of storage back when the minute is over.

The other, perhaps less evident, use for Snapchat is as a way to draw on your images. No one’s visiting use Snapchat to annotate images, since there are lots of much better apps for that and they look a lot less goofy. It’s that goofiness that makes Snapchat such a wonderful app for offering your images an additional bit of personality. Select from unlimited colors and draw any ridiculous, crazy, funny, heart-warming or sweet thing you want. There’s no way to load an image into Snapchat, so I typically discover myself snapping pics of all types of things, downloading them after I deviate with the Sanpchat pencil device, and then never sending the picture to anybody– at least not with Snapchat. They end up on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, because there’s a specific charm to a Snapchat drawing.

Final Thoughts

I love Snapchat. I am on board. I’ll reveal and admit that many of my pals on Snapchat are teenagers I met when I was a high school librarian, and I am not unaware that I might be one of the few grownups in the room. That explained, it’s a great deal of enjoyable. Absolutely nothing cheers me up in the middle of a humdrum day more than a snap of a buddy mugging for the camera. Sure they can have texted me to state they were thinking of me, but then I’d not have gotten to see a friendly face.

Since I’ve actually been using Snapchat, it’s unusual that an image visiting Facebook or Instagram doesn’t get the Snapchat treatment first. It’s inadequate that my cat is lolling in a patch of sun. I need to also offer him a tutu, ballet pantofles and perhaps the pointer of a tiny band before his picture is suitabled for Twitter. Snapchat has altered the method I think of sharing pictures, and it’s definitely earned a place on my home screen.