When I was in my 3rd year of university, I became a professional procrastinator. By that, I indicate that I’d no work and no reason to discover work due to the fact that I was too ‘busy’ with school and prepping for tests. And exactly what that actually indicated was that I was too ‘busy’ playing Flash-based games on an old MacBook. This was back when Facebook games was still a popular thing.

In that day, I was totally hooked on a game called Solitaire Blitz, which now has a universal iPhone/iPad app and is offered free of cost in the App Shop. I couldn’t resist the chance to pick up the game and try it out again, and see how I felt about it a couple years later a various platform. And how well can a complimentary game filled with in-app investments designed for a mouse translate to a touchscreen? Read on to learn more.

The Premise

Solitaire Blitz is in fact a remarkably great remix of the original Solitaire game. The method it works is fairly basic: You’ve a number of rows of cards along the bottom of the display, and you are attempting to obtain rid of as many of them as you can within the time limit. To do that, you just should tap cards in numerical orders, the match of the card is irrelevant. Just see to it that if you’ve a visible 5 on the top, tap a 4 or a 6 to continue developing that stack.

Simple, but effective.

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Simple, but effective.

If you lack usable cards, draw more from the stack with a tap. And if you manage to play all of the cards and empty your stacks, you’ll get incentive points for doing this and leaving some cards in the deck. Points add up to more game time and playable perks, like blowing up barrels that can clear numerous cards at the same time or extra time.

If you are puzzled, do not stress too much since you won’t be for long. The game is easy to pick up and, honestly, kind of addictive. By ‘kind of addictive,’ what I really suggest is that I have invested about thirty hours of my life playing this God-forsaken thing. So indeed, I love playing this. It’s even more enjoyable than playing with dynamite (I have attempted that too), but I likewise despise myself for playing this so much.

I am a big fan of the part where they tally my score.

I am a huge fan of the component where they tally my rating.

The game is developed around social, so you can share scores on Facebook and invite your pals to play, too. You can likewise contend to see who’s got the best score on any given day. Get your pals involved in this, and it becomes an extremely addicting competition. It’s still a lot of fun even without that competitive facet though.

In-App Purchases Galore

Let us talk a little bit about what makes this game such an abomination for significant players, because that’s what I get paid to do in a testimonial. This thing is full of in-app acquisitions. You can purchase everything from more silver to buy even more benefits (you buy silver to buy perks, which is kind of like buying Microsoft Things to buy an Xbox Live game). There are even notices to inform you about in-app purchases. You can also buy even more rounds of gameplay, which is a much more severe offer to me.

Note the in-app purchases on the right.

Note the in-app purchases on the right.

Turn push alerts off for this app.

That’s appropriate. There are a restricted amount of times you can play this simultaneously before you’ve to fork over money to continue playing. You’ll getting start with five rounds, and every ten minutes you are provided another round. So the most you’ll be able to play has to do with seven times prior to having to wait (unless you are a remarkably great player, in which case you’ll acquire much more efforts).

I do not mind in-app acquisitions as much as some of my associates below at AppStorm, however this is kind of outrageous. Why am I not able to play to my heart’s content? Why cannot I just pay $4.99 when and play this as much as I want with as lots of rewards as I desire?

I think claiming treasures after each round helps with in-app purchases, but... No, no they don't. This is ridiculous.

I think declaring treasures after each round aids with in-app acquisitions, however … No, no they don’t. This is ridiculous.

Clearly, there’s more money to be made (and great deals of it at $5.99 simply for an easy power up) by investing into this sort of payment system for the developer. There’s nothing wrong with that, technically. Developers need to consume. And paying for advantages makes sense on some levels, but merely paying to play more after five or six rounds seems like freeway theft.

Granted, if you can find something else to do for an hour prior to coming back to it, it’s not visiting trouble you much. And honestly, this is mobile games, so 10 mins of playing time may be all you want before moving on. Few people sit and play games on their iPhones for hours at a time. However in any case, you cannot deny that this is not really precisely concept alone.

Visual Aesthetics

I am virtually ashamed I enjoy this game a lot, not simply because of the in-app investments, but likewise since of the kiddie-like graphics. This game is plainly indicated for kids. It’s smooth as butter, even on my iPad with Retina screen, but there’s not a lot to display here graphically. You conform against a tropical background, however there are not waves billowing or anything like that. These are merely sanctified Solitaire wallpapers.

This is what i mean when I say this is meant for your children.

This is what i imply when I state this is indicated for your children.

I’ll say that I can see the distinction between this and the Flash-based variation of the game which the iOS app is much smoother. That’s exactly what you get with a native game rather of a browser-based game coded in an aging requirement. Your kids (if you’ve any) are also likely to like madly tapping on a display to madly clicking a display, which feels nearly old by comparison.

Is Solitaire Blitz Worth It?

Do you like solitaire? Are you great with in-app acquisitions? Will you provide anything a shot if it’s cost-free? If your answer to any of those questions (specifically the first one) is an unquestionable yes, then by all means, I suggest checking the app out. For what it’s worth, I am keeping it set up on my iPad. Despite the fact that all those in-app acquisitions are past problematic for me and I seem like anyone willing to pay for any of them is getting extremely swindled, I think Solitaire Blitz is a good way to pass a little bit of time.