Because the launch of iOS 9.3 remain week, some Sprint individuals have been not able to attach to LTE networks, baseding on reports on Twitter and reddit. After upgrading, affected users claim their iPhones will just connect 3G, and also there seems no clear solution with resets and reinstalls not fixing the problem for the majority of people.
According to one reddit user in The golden state, he’s having problems when his apple iphone attempts to connect to a particular LTE band. Affected customers are discouraged with the connection issues, with some reporting a lack of ability to obtain any kind of messages or updates when not on Wi-Fi. Many customers seeing troubles appear to be utilizing Apple’s newest devices.

I’m having information concerns too on my Sixes Plus in the LA/OC market. Over the previous three days I’ve been troubleshooting on my 80 mile big salami commute by means of Beta test and also Speedtest. I have actually figured out that data transfer is damaged when attached to Clear B41. Not a problem on Sprint B41, B25 or EVDO. I have actually produced a ticket with Sprint Treatment, and also allegedly they have alerted their network group. I’m waiting for a response.
I have actually spoken to Apple also, they did a diagnostic examination that showed up typical … naturally it did, because I was not attached to Clear B41 at the time. At this factor, the only program of action is to either disable LTE or revert back to 9.2.1 before Apple stops authorizing it. I’m not sure if this involves the WiMAX shutdown in my market, yet I have observed that the TAC went from 9xxx to 3xxxx after the closure. I have actually brought back 3 times through iTunes to no avail.

As of this afternoon, Sprint has started sending text messages to its customer base, recognizing the information link issue. Sprint says that it is mindful of the concern and also ‘working swiftly’ on a fix.
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Apple this morning released an iOS 9.3.1 update with a solution for an unassociated internet connecting bug, as well as while it’s unclear if the brand-new update repairs the Sprint concern, it’s unlikely as Sprint’s text messages were sent after the update was released.
Update 4/1: Baseding on Sprint, the data link issues affecting customers were settled this morning.