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Functional iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, but the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer includes the Take advantage of case– a case that’s a lot even more than practical. Sporting a clasp locking system, it not only looks terrific but it can endure even the clumsiest iPhone owner.

With its understated yet sophisticated design, this case will make your phone pop. And right now Cult of Mac Deals has it for just $39.99.

Please note: This offer is only offered to customers in the continental United States. The price consists of shipping and all sales are final. For other important tips surrounding this offer, see the Offers page.

The distinct clasp locking system is what makes Take advantage of terrific. Inspired by high-end watch clasps, the metal latch and lever system are constructed to last. Plus, with its incorporated buttons, the Leverage iPhone Case never ever gets in the way.

Now if black is not your color– or if you are still carrying around an iPhone 4 or 4S, then Cult of Mac Deals has a couple of other alternatives offered:

  • Click below for the Leverage iPhone 4/4S case in Black/Matte
  • Click here for the Leverage iPhone 4/4S case in White/Matte
  • Click right here for the Leverage iPhone 5 case in White/Chrome

If you’ve actually been on the quest for an iPhone case that’s both elegant and safe, then you can not go wrong with the Leverage– particularly at this rate. However it’ll not be offered at this price for long. Head over to the Deals page now and grab it for simply $39.99 while you can!