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Sprint’s Q1 2013 financial results came out this morning, and the information hadn’t been great overall. Losses remain to gather, and overall smartphone sales are not faring very well, either, with just 5 million units sold in total. The iPhone, after achieving a record high of 2.2 million phones offered on Sprint’s network last quarter, hung back down to 1.5 million, the same number Sprint saw in the three quarters preceding Q4 2012.

This is the first time Sprint has actually reported certain total smartphone sales in a revenues launch, and it said it accomplished 5 million handset sales in total amount. that implies that the iPhone accounted for 30 percent of total gadget sales at the carrier. iPhone sales for all of 2012 totaled 6.6 million, on overall smartphone sales for the year of 20 million, meanings Apple’s gadgets accounted for just about one-third of the total. That puts this quarter quite near to on speed, however compared to the remainder of the field, iPhone growth was flat at Sprint.

Horace Dediu of Asymco notes that iPhone sales expanded 25 percent at Verizon, and by around 12 percent at AT&T. Worldwide, the rate was a 7 percent increase, with 14 percent enhancement in your home. It might be tempting to put some of the blame for Sprint’s flagging fortunes on a huge wager on iPhone, but the numbers indicate the carrier is not really being hurt so much by flagging iPhone sales, but by a general lack of ability to match its competitors, in regards to device sales aside.

iPhone sales grew 25 % at Verizon, 12 % at AT&T and 0 % at Sprint. Overall United States development was 14 % vs. 7 % globally.-
Horace Dediu (@ asymco) April 24, 2013

Sprint is still fast to keep in mind that the iPhone is driving new clients to its company, mentioning that the rate of new customers registering by means of iPhone acquisitions is as soon as again at over 40 percent, the like over the previous a number of quarters. The iPhone has actually been consistent for it, but the business was most likely hoping it would be even more of a breakout favorite.