Last week, information leaked that Bioware and LucasArts’ Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic would be involving the iPad, and since today, the game is readily available for download from the App Shop.

Originally released 10 years back, KotOR is based upon the Dungeons & Dragons d20 role-playing system, which has added to its appeal. In the game, players pick from 3 character classes, picking a Jedi subclass later on in the game.

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Combat is round-based and characters can utilize Feats and Force powers to fight. Players can recruit 2 extra companions, who’ll participate in battle and open quest and dialog choices in the game. KotOR includes a light-and-dark placement system that tracks both activities and dialog selections to figure out the last outcome of the plot.
IGN uploaded a review of the iPad game this morning, declaring the iPad’s touch interface to be well designed, with the exception of movement, which needs directing character movement with a finger on the display.

The iPad’s touch interface is mainly a renovation over the original, conserve for a few bookings. Initially, the excellent: the pause-and-play fight works like an appeal, letting you pick your attacks and products quickly. It’s managed magnificently.

Navigating the menus and sorting equipment is also made mainly better by the development of touch controls, except for a couple of instances like the Powers menu in which the icons

If the brand-new controls have one Achilles’ Heel, however, it’s in the motion. Flying place to place involves dragging and then holding a finger to guide your Jedi in the proper instructions. This unavoidably blocks a substantial chunk of the display with your hand, and worse yet, makes for uncomfortable running in general.

Despite its small control concerns, IGN found the game to be a ‘must-play,’ score it an 8.8 overall. Our sister website TouchArcade will also have a more comprehensive testimonial of the gameplay offered later on today.
Star Battles: Knights of the Old Republic can be downloaded from the App Shop for $9.99.