Adonit just recently revealed the launch of a brand-new version of its preferred Bluetooth-enabled Jot Manuscript stylus pen, showcasing a rechargeable battery, a revamped body, and also iPad Air 2 support. When Adonit asked if we want to review the brand-new stylus, we hopped at the possibility because our last stylus pen evaluation covering the Adonit Jot Pro and Jot Mini was preferred with MacRumors readers.

The Jot Script 2 Evernote Version is one of Adonit’s higher-end stylus pens, hooking up to an apple iphone or iPad over Bluetooth. It’s a digital stylus, so it has the ability to provide the accuracy of a routine rubber-tipped stylus with a tip that’s simply 1.9 mm, providing it a pen-like feel.
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Adonit’s Jot Manuscript 2 improves after the initial Jot Manuscript with an upgraded slimmer body that has a far better hold, an upgraded Pixelpoint pointer, as well as longer electric battery life. It’s been introduced in partnership with Evernote, so it collaborates with Evernote’s Penultimate app, and it includes six months of Evernote’s costs service.

Apple presented brand-new screen innovation with the iPad Air 2, breaking a whole lot of electronic stylus pens, including Adonit’s previous Jot Script. Older stylus pens don’t work too with the iPad Air 2, leading to a lot of missing out on contact. The Jot Manuscript 2 is just one of the very first styluses that works well with Apple’s most recent tablet.

What’s in the Box and Setup

The Adonit Jot Script 2 is available in a slim box which contains the Jot Script 2 in a plastic housing and a small magnetic USB wall charger, which is used to prevent it charged via a Mac. It additionally includes a voucher for six months of access to Evernote’s costs service.
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Connecting the stylus to an iPad or apple iphone is very easy to do. Activate Bluetooth on the device you intend to use the Jot Manuscript 2 with, download and install a compatible app like Penultimate, as well as hold back on the silver switch located in the center of the stylus pen while touching the suggestion to the monitor of the iPad or apple iphone when triggered to do so.
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Design and Features

The Jot Script 2’s body is constructed from a grey aluminum that’s lighter compared to the aluminum of the silver iPad and similar in color to the Space Gray iPad. It’s 140mm or 5.5 inches, or about the size of a standard pen, and it’s 10.5 mm in diameter, smaller sized compared to many ink pen, yet thicker than the typical ballpoint pen.

If you recognize with the initial Jot Manuscript, the new variation is slimmer because it eliminates the need for an AAA battery, instead including a rechargeable battery. It has the exact same grooved grip to maintain the stylus pen from sliding and also changing in your hand while writing.
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For the majority of people, the slimmer size of the Jot Script 2 should make it comfy to hold in the hand, even for longer amount of times. We kept in mind for over a hr and a fifty percent without feeling writing exhaustion or discomfort in the hand, but perfect pen size varies from individual to person so your own outcomes might vary.

Width and also weight are both essential aspects when it pertains to how a pen or a stylus pen really feels in a hand, and the Jot Manuscript 2 is merely hefty adequate to make composing smooth while protecting against hand strain.
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The standout attribute on the Jot Manuscript 2 is its 1.9 mm idea, which is just one of the tiniest stylus suggestions on the market. It utilizes what Adonit calls ‘Pixelpoint technology’ to incorporate Bluetooth LE, accelerometer data, and the capacitive display of an iOS tool to make sure the ink point on the monitor is directly under the stylus pen suggestion for better precision.

This small idea causes precise lines and letters that are attracted where the stylus pen tip is put, for a composing feel that’s not unlike composing on paper with a real pen. Adonit states the plastic suggestion was developed to simulate the nuisance of pen on paper, however when it pertains to really feel, creating with the Jot Manuscript 2 on an iPad display still seems like plastic on glass and also not ink on paper.
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The electric battery in the Jot Script 2 renders power to the tip when activated, which is why such a small pointer is feasible. Without power, stylus suggestions have to be considerably larger (like the size of a fingertip) to be registered on the screen. When switched on, the Jot Manuscript 2 works in any kind of application as any type of conventional stylus pen would.

Below the plastic pointer, there’s a grip that we previously pointed out, and also below that, there’s a plastic ring that houses the switch that turns the stylus on as well as permits it to hook up to various apps. The remainder of the stylus is made from a smooth aluminum, and also there’s a magnet at the base that enables it to demand via an included USB dongle.
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The USB dongle linkeds into a Mac’s USB port, and the stylus pen stands upright on the charging pad, held in location by a magnetic link. It’s an elegant charging solution, but we stress that the small USB billing dongle could get lost.

A rechargeable battery is a significant brand-new function in this variation of the Jot Manuscript, considering that the previous version required AAA batteries. Electric battery life differs from 20 to 50 hrs depending on iPad model:

  • iPad 4 – 20 hours
  • iPad Air 2 – 30 hours
  • iPad Air 1 – 50 hours
  • iPad Mini – 50 hours

Depending on your usage routines, the electric battery can last for a week of in course notes or for a month of occasional note taking and laying out. It takes 45 to 50 minutes to recharge the Jot Manuscript 2. You’ll know if the battery is bargain if you view a blinking red light, as well as you can likewise inspect the charge degree in the Penultimate app.
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The Jot Manuscript 2 requires Bluetooth 4.0 to operate, so it is restricted to the fourth-generation iPad and more recent, all iPad mini versions, and the apple iphone 4s as well as newer.

Writing Experience

Adonit’s Jot Script 2 paired with an iPad Air 2 provides a composing feel that’s akin to a pen on paper. With the tiny idea, creating and also mapping out with the Jot Script 2 is exact and also exact– words on the screen go exactly where the pointer of the pen is situated. With bigger-tipped styluses, it could be hard to fully see the display, hampering writing as well as drawing.

There was no offset between where the suggestion touched the screen and also where a mark revealed up in the applications that we tested, as well as we were impressed with the Jot Manuscript 2’s precision. Recognizing precisely where electronic ink is ending up on electronic paper produces a a lot more comfortable writing experience, and also that degree of reliability is also perfect for digital fine art. It ought to be kept in mind, though, that writing with the Jot Script 2 didn’t improve our digital handwriting– general results were similar to utilizing a basic stylus pen– however being able to create with even more reliability did increase iPad creating speed.
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There are some downsides to the Jot Script 2. When taking writing rapidly, as one may do during a lecture or conference, we discovered some lag between when we would create a letter as well as when it would appear on the screen. Letters still showed up where we wrote them, however that small hold-up was recognizable and gently distracting.

When composing or attracting, as with any type of plastic-tipped stylus, there’s an inescapable clicking noise against the display as the tip hits the glass monitor of the iPad. This is something that you can get made use of to, yet it could still be irritating, particularly in a quiet room.

Evernote Integration

The Adonit Jot Script 2 was produced as an Evernote companion, so it functions most with the Evernote ecological community with Evernote’s Penultimate note taking app. With Penultimate and also the Jot Manuscript 2, you acquire a built-in palm rejection function, which lets you relax your hand on the display while you write.

One of one of the most tiring facets of making note with an iPad is needing to hold your hand as much as avoid touching the display, so palm denial is consistently a welcome attribute in note taking apps. Penultimate‘s palm rejection function works satisfactorily, but it’s not excellent. Every couple of paragraphs, hand denial fell short as well as disrupted writing, leading to a repositioning of the wrist as well as a pause in writing, however it did seem to function as well or much better than hand denial in various other note taking apps.

In Penultimate, there are various settings for wrist placement, so it collaborates with left and right handed users. One point to keep in mind– you’ll should flip off multitouch motions to use palm rejection.
Penultimate has full support for the Jot Manuscript 2 and it functioned well on the iPad Air 2, with smooth writing, no shakiness, and also no wavy lines. Penultimate has poor testimonials in the Application Store as it’s gone through a great deal of modifications since it was purchased by Evernote, so it might not be the first-choice note-taking app for some users. In our encounter, the app functioned well (other than some qualms with palm rejection), but the Zoom feature, which scrolls along constantly, will not be popular with all individuals, nor will the readily available toolset.

If you’re visiting buy the Jot Manuscript 2 to make use of with Penultimate, we suggest providing the app a try in advance of purchase, since getting complete capability from the Jot Manuscript 2 is reliant on Penultimate.

The Jot Script 2 includes six months of Evernote Premium, making it possible for functions like optical personality awareness to make it feasible to search via handwritten notes in the Penultimate app. In our experiments, optical personality recognition in Penultimate worked well, grabbing most words also when composed in different handwriting styles.

Your handwritten notes from Penultimate are also posted to Evernote, where they’re additionally searchable on iOS or the Mac via the Evernote apps.

Third-Party App Integration

The Adonit Jot Script 2 jobs with each one of the applications that the initial Jot Script functioned with, so it works with numerous drawing and also note taking apps along with Penultimate. Many of the applications support Jot Manuscript 2 features like palm rejection as well as better accuracy.

Compatible drawing apps: Forge (by Adonit), Illustrator Line (Adobe), Photoshop Sketch (Adobe), Procreate, Zen Brush, Concepts, Animation Desk, Sketch Club, AutoDesk Sketchbook, and Ink.

Compatible note-taking apps: Penultimate, Noteshelf, Goodnotes 4, Explain Everything, NoteLedge, and Zoomnotes.

You’re going to have to pair the stylus with each app and also each pairing process is a bit different depending on the application, so getting attached to applications can be type of a hassle. Adonit has a walkthrough specifying the best ways to coupled with each sustained app on its web site. The procedure usually involves opening up a settings menu, holding down the pairing button on the Jot, as well as touching the suggestion to the screen.
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Sometimes reconnecting the stylus pen to an app was particular, despite the Penultimate app that has simple assimilation. Sometimes it took many minutes for a connection to be established because the application had not been seeing the stylus although it was transformed on.

The variety of applications that deal with the Adonit Jot Manuscript 2 is somewhat restricted, but the stylus functions within various other note taking and attracting apps also. Efficiency isn’t really constantly as solid as in assisted applications and also you lose on features like hand rejection, so it’s much better to adhere to sustained apps when possible.

The excellent news is that of the sustained apps, there are a couple that have a great attribute collection and also could have the ability to replace the existing mapping out and also note taking applications that you use. Noteshelf is among the more preferred note taking apps as well as it supports all Jot Script features, as does Procreate, a prominent and also feature-rich drawing app.

We were a bit surprised to locate that Adonit’s suggest listing of apps that include Jot Script support was obsolete and consisted of some applications that have actually transformed substantially or are not in the App Establishment. It’s additionally somewhat complicated because the Jot Script as well as the Jot Script 2 do not sustain stress level of sensitivity as well as faster ways, yet the web page does not make it clear that those are attributes restricted to Adonit’s Jot Touch.

Who’s It For?

If you desire a digital note-taking experience that mimics the experience of creating on a pen with paper, the Jot Manuscript 2 is a solid selection. It’s precise and also it works well for taking large amounts of notes, despite some small lag when creating rapidly. It’s precision is likewise helpful for making design drawings, mockups, and sketches.
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Someone which should utilize a stylus on a normal basis like an artist or a pupil will definitely value the Jot Manuscript 2’s precision, and also constant use will make it worth its $75 purchase rate. iPad Air 2 proprietors will would like to pay unique focus to the Adonit Script Jot 2, as it is among the very first digital stylus pens that functions actually well with Apple’s newest tablet.

  • Precise writing
  • Pen-like feel
  • Excellent Evernote integration
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Full performance limited to handful of apps
  • Third-party app page is dated and unclear
  • Expensive
  • Lags when writing quickly
  • No pressure sensitivity

How to Buy

The Evernote Jot Script 2 stylus pen could be purchased from the Adonit web site for $74.99. Six months of Evernote Costs is consisted of in the purchase.