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For many of us we carry our iPad pretty much everywhere. A few of us even take our iPad with us buying. And naturally everyone take our iPhone with us all over. We discovered a recently released(March 28) new iPad app that does a terrific task of scanning product barcodes and creating a copy of the barcode on your iOS device. The name of this app is called Swift Shopper. So when you visit checkout at the register you can heckout with your smartphone and scan the barcodes straight off the display. Exactly what this includes is benefit by having no should physically eliminate any products out of your shopping basket, just hand the cashier your iPhone or iPad and a few swipes of iOS gadget later and you are looked into!

I discovered this iOS app particularly practical at the Home Depot yesterday as I loaded up 75 lb bags or Quikcrete cement for a home job. It was such a breeze for both myself and the checkout attendant to process this deal from my iPhone screen.

Here are a couple of pointers from the App Shop description:

**** For much better reliability when scanning barcodes off the phone use these valuable suggestions. ****

– Make best use of the brightness on your phone

– Hold the phone 4-6 inches away from the scanner

– Make use of a hand scanner instead of a bed scanner

This app is readily available totally free on the iTunes App Shop by clicking here.
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