Introduced on the App Store this week, Sync Solver enables Fitbit users to track all the crucial information the wearable tool determines on an everyday basis straight inside Apple’s very own Wellness application without should use the dedicated Fitbit app.

The $0.99 application provides an everyday sync of eleven different pieces of data from the Fitbit into the Health app. The factors of information accrued consist of: energetic calories, relaxing calories, dietary calories, body fatty tissue portion, physical body mass index, trips of staircases climbed, sleep evaluation, strolling and running proximities, weight, and also steps taken.
To acquire the app functioning the first sync has to be done manually within the application, however afterwards it will immediately sync information from the Fitbit gadget right into the Wellness application every twenty-four hrs. The application’s release notes additionally point out that since there is no way to disable step counting by the iPhone itself, the ‘actions taken’ physique is most likely to be increased as both the iPhone as well as Fitbit track the statistic.

The release of Sync Solver comes after reports that Apple would cease supply Fitbit in its stores, and also the business subsequently doing just that. Apple has actually not shared the factor for its discontinuation of Fitbit’s items, however a combo of Apple’s approaching launch of Apple Watch as well as Fitbit’s news that it has no strategies to assist HealthKit most likely added to the move.
Sync Solver could be downloaded and install from the App Shop for $0.99.