Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPad could see its very first year of decline as ‘around the world tablet computer growth is anticipated to decrease to 7.2 % in 2014,’ according to the market research company IDC. Ryan Reith, Program Supervisor with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Tool Trackers, stated iPad sales are decreasing because of the longer lifecycle of tablet computers. This suggests tablet owners have the tendency to update to more recent versions less than they do with mobile phones.

IDC 2014 tablet report, apple iphone

‘Exactly what has actually played out instead is that many tablet owners are keeping their devices for even more than 3 years and in some occasions more than 4 years,’ said Reith.

Reith thinks Apple’s support of older devices is what is driving folks to hang on to their tablet computers longer than anticipated. An Apple item such as the iPad 2 typically has 3 years just before it stops supporting the most recent iOS release, and the tool still has plenty of life also after it is discontinued.

Apple also normally releases brand-new functions such as Siri and Touch ID on the apple iphone first, making it more desirable to update, and also then there is the cost. It certainly costs a great deal more to purchase a new iPad compared to a brand-new phone, and manufacturers are presently flooding the market with even more inexpensive tablets.

The IDC likewise declares that the tablet market has been had an effect on by ‘hesitancy around the Windows 8 platform,’ and that points could alter based upon exactly how producers answer the upcoming obstacles in the following 6 months.

‘We require to consider just how the tablet ecological community is responding to these difficulties, as well as now we see a great deal of pressure on tablet computer costs as well as an influx of entry-level items, which ultimately offers Android actually well,’ claimed Jean Philippe Bouchard, Research Director for Tablets. ‘Yet we additionally see tablet suppliers trying to offset this price pressure by concentrating on larger displays and cellular-enabled tablets. The next six months ought to be truly fascinating.’