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iOS 7 was announced today formally at WWDC 2013, and it brings a lot of visual changes to Apple’s mobile OS, plus a host of new features and functionality also. The official launch is still a few months off, however one enterprising designer, Brian Roizen, has actually posted a fairly substantial collection of screenshots from the brand-new beta out today. The displays really simply reveal a close-up view of exactly what Apple demoed on stage, but they are absolutely worth a look if you want a much better concept of the coming changes.

As you can see, streamlined design and certainly, ‘flat’ design are the trademarks of the brand-new OS, even if there are still some remnants of so-called skeumorphic design, like the paper texture in the notes app. The new multitasking tray looks to be a large enhancement over what we’ve actually seen in the past, and the Command Center is infinitely more useful looking than the restricted access to some settings you get now with the bottom tray easily accessible through double-click.

Overall, the OS appears like a far more modern and clean experience that the existing variation of iOS based on these screens, particularly when it pertains to a few of the core apps like Calendar, Email and Safari, which have all been lowered down to their basic essences and feature far less distracting design flourishes. I wonder to see how some areas where they have included more information, like with the new Notice panel, with its ‘today,’ ‘all,’ and ‘missed out on’ panes will alter the experience for exactly what’s basically expected to be at-a-glance triage material, however.

We are still rather a methods off from the general consumer launch of iOS 7 this fall, and a lot can change over a couple of months, however anticipate the overall look and feel of exactly what shows up then to be significantly the exact same as is portrayed in these very early shots. It’s a remarkable modification, to be sure, but it will be intriguing to see how general users react to the shift.