Conquist 2

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I am a long time Danger player, with a fondness for grabbing up Australia or South America first, then blockading the heck from them while I focus my growth to the rest of the map from these well-fortified positions.

While there’s a wonderful Threat game for the iPhone, there’s not one for the Mac, not to mentioned one that plays on both platforms. Having a look at Conquist 2, then, a Risk-style dominate the world game, seems like a no brainer, because you can purchase it for Mac and/or iOS, making it the best cross platform multiplayer game for fans of Risk.

Check it out.

Grab a copy of Conquist 2 for the Mac on the Mac App Store and launch it on your Mac. You’ll see the similarity to Threat in the style of gameplay, specifically when you use The World for your map. There are a number of various other variations, too, like the UNITED STATE, Europe 1938, Meso-America, the Roman Empire, and others. The World Domination mode will make one of the most sense to Danger fans, as it plays similarly-conquer all the territories on the map to win. The Secret Goal mode offers you a special assignment that’ll win the game for you when you complete it, Colonization jobs you with controlling just the capitals on the map, and Castle mode has you taking opponent castles to gain the game.

To play from your Mac to your buddy’s iPhone or iPad, make certain they’ve actually downloaded the app from the App Store and have it loaded on their iOS device, which they’ve actually connected with Game Center.

Now all you should do is click the Online Multiplayer button on the main screen, then click the green Invite Buddies button in the bottom right. You’ll get the fugly Game Center window, and you’ll be able to welcome up to 3 of your Game Center friends to play in addition to you. The game will car match the various other slots open, if you don’t have 3 friends who can play today.

Now you are playing from your Mac to the iPhone or iPad, thanks to Game Center. Slick!