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Tall Chess may too have actually been called ‘LetterChess:’ it’s like a cross in between the amazingly addicting Letterpress and actual, you understand, chess. It’s an iPhone 5 game (thus the ‘tall’ component – it utilizes the whole of the iPhone’s screen to reveal the board), and it lets you play the great game against folks you’ll find on Game Center.

Why has not already somebody done this before? A Game Center-powered chess game that lets you play against genuine people. Possibly someone did and we missed it because it did not look as fantastic as Tall Chess.

The app lets you play against buddies or auto-matched opponents, lets you review the last move or the entire game with a swipe, and you can export your games in algebraic notation. The app is complimentary, and you can pay $3 to upgrade to several games and customizable boards and pieces.

Let us just discuss those pieces a 2nd. The graphics are lovely, kind of exactly what pixel art would look like if the pixels were smoothed off instead of all jaggy. And the icon is a giraffe putting on a crown, which practically makes me love the game.

I also love chess, however I do not like playing against the computer as I never feel that I can lose: I can simply dispose the game if I get too far behind. I suspect that there will still be a whole lot of morons who do this, much like they do in Letterpress (what can I say? My opening Letterpress moves are typically formidable).

Still, I am visiting offer it a shot. I am Mistercharlie on Game Center if you want to play.