Tapestry offers individuals a new means to share tales with others. Move forward through each story, which is something a little like a slideshow, by means of taps. You cannot go backward, only forward, and every time you tap a bit more information or part of the story is revealed.

It noises so easy, and yet Tapestry’s principle is incredibly versatile, and rather fun. Let us face it, occasionally stories or jokes just have more impact when a tap reveals a twist or punchline. Come on, click “even more” and I’ll show you what I indicate.

The Basics

You’ll need to produce a Tapestry account to obtain started, which means you’ll be required to offer an e-mail address and a password. You can also connect your Twitter and facebook accounts at the same time.

Create a Tapestry account to get started, plus connect your other social media accounts.

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Create a Tapestry account to obtain begun, plus connect your other social media accounts.

Past that, you’ll find yourself at the home display. In the top right corner you’ve a search bar, plus a way to gain access to all things appropriate to your Tapestry account.

In the leading left is the Tapestry icon. Tap it to reveal a menu of various story classifications, including Featured, Popular, Entertainment, Motivation, Information and others. Notice that the home display automatically lands you on the Featured tales.

Whatever kind of story you might be interested in, you'll find it in one of Tapestry's many categories.

Whatever kind of story you may be interested in, you’ll discover it in among Tapestry’s lots of categories.

Scroll to the right to search different stories. For each one you can see how many likes it’s received, its tale group, title, author and hashtags. Find one that intrigues you? Tap it and the story will be downloaded to your phone.

Reading Stories

The regulations for reviewing stories are: You can tap anywhere on the screen to move the tale forward …

Stories can be about anything; they are limited only by the author's imagination.

Stories can be about anything, they are restricted only by the author’s imagination.

There’s no relocating backwards …

Share a story, joke, poem, inspiration — whatever message you want to communicate.

Share a tale, joke, poem, motivation– whatever message you want to connect.

And you need to finish every tale you begin checking out (there’s no way to exit until you get to the last slide).

Some of the best stories on Tapestry right now were authored by people to promote their other creative projects.

Some of the very best stories on Tapestry today were authored by individuals to promote their other creative projects.

When you get to completion of a tale, you’re offered the possibility to like/love it by holding your finger on a heart. The heart then starts to fill up with red (‘love,’ aw …) and you’ll lift your finger when you’ve actually shown the tale as much love as you want.

Want to become a Tapestry author? Create your own story using the Tapestry website.

Want to become a Tapestry author? Create your very own story utilizing the Tapestry site.

Following that you’ll have the possibility to bookmark the tale, replay it, share it, subscribe to the story’s author or find similar tales you may enjoy. And if you are questioning whether you can become the author of your personal Tapestry story, excellent information: It’s possible. You can do so using some quite slick software application on the Tapestry website.

Command Central

You can access a lot of various info from your account. There are numerous tabs at the top of the display: Alerts, Conserved, History, Profile and Settings.

The Notifications tab is where you’ll get informs when your story is included, your story becomes popular, your tale is enjoyed, someone subscribes to your stories, your buddy publishes a tale, or an author your sign up for publishes a story. Obviously, for many, but not all, of those to be appropriate, you’ll have to release your own Tapestry tale first.

Like a story? Show it some love, bookmark it, or share it with friends.

Like a story? Program it some love, bookmark it, or share it with friends.

Under Saved you’ll discover all your bookmarked tales, while under History you can scroll with all the ones you have seen. And Settings is where you’ll want to head if you ever should change your password, edit your alert selections and link other social media accounts.

The Final Slide

The quality of stories on the app has actually up until now been impressive. The mechanics of this approach of storytelling work most effectively with basic, simple visuals, like a couple of words against the backdrop of a single image or color, and the developers and authors appear to obtain that.

No way of informing whether or not that’ll alter when the masses find Tapestry and start trying to put up every little thing from Bieber Fever homages (please don’t) to political drivel (snooze). Possibly the Tapestry group will at some point need to put some kind of stricter approval system in location, who understands.

But as of today, Tapestry is best and the kind of app you could get lost in for days. It’s got stories to make you laugh, to make you cry, to inspire you, to entertain you and to connect you with the rest of your neighborhood. And who doesn’t like a great tale?