Hip industrial table with screws not included.

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Hip industrial table with screws not consisted of.

AL13 iPhone Bumper Case – designed by m
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $79.99

Apple mightn’t make bumpers at all, and Antennagate could be an extinction, but there are still some great bumpers out there … and top of the listing is the AL13.

What It Is

The AL13 Ultrathin bumper case for the iPhone 5 is a precision-cut aluminum bumper case that displays the stunning design of your iPhone 5 while offering some additional protection along the way. The bumper case comes in a lovely metal box, cushioned in with black foam, with a design aesthetic that matches the AL13 itself.

The case is in 2 slim pieces, the iPhone 5 slides into the back of the cushioned sides of the larger little metal, which has smaller cut outs for the sleep/wake, volume, and mute buttons, and a bigger cut out location on the bottom that lets the iPhone speakers, headset jack, and Lightning port breathe. The 2nd, slimmer piece slides into a little groove along the back of the case for a tight fit.

The finish on both pieces of the review space is a dark matte gray, stimulating an extension of the iPhone 5 itself as opposed to an extra add on.

The Good

The AL 13 enhances the sophisticated iPhone 5 design as opposed to interfering with it.

The business owners who make the AL13 wished to develop a premium bumper case for the iPhone that was both simple and sophisticated. They have entirely prospered below with the AL13, which adds a layer of security to the front and back of the iPhone, keeping it from touching any flat surface it’s set on, along with from any drops to the ground. The case permits the charm of the iPhone 5′s commercial design to shine with, adding just a bare minimum of thickness. It continues to suit my pocket and the holder I’ve for my iPhone on my automobile’s control panel, something bulkier cases do not.

Perfectly fitted engineering.

Perfectly fitted engineering.

The slide-on back piece is a best fit, and slides behind the iPhone to offer a snug however not too-tight fit. There are no screws or clamps or snaps to bother with, and nothing scratches the iPhone, a preliminary issue when seeing the design. The soft cushioning material inside the front piece nestle the iPhone in securely with no metal-on-metal rubbing, an information of some value.

The overall appearance of the AL13 enhances the iPhone 5 without detracting from it, I’ve actually had several questions about whether I am toting around a brand-new iPhone prototype, that’s how well the bumper case matches the design. There’s a little logo design on either side of the bumper case, one that states AL13, the various other the design by m logo: a lower-case m within a circle.

The Bad

The bottom of the AL13 can be a bit on the sharp side, and boy does it vibrate.

Honestly, the only 2 concerns I’ve with the AL13 are minor. The product of the bumper case is metal, which oftens send vibrations from the iPhone a bit more than various other rubber or plastic cases I’ve actually used in the past. That’s not a bad thing when it’s in a pocket, but set that baby down on a glass or metal table and you are going to hear it.

Such a pretty case for your case.

Such a rather case for your case.

In addition, the bottom edge of the back slide-in piece is a bit sharper than the rest of the bumper case, which can bring about a bit of a sore pinky when holding the gadget in a portrait positioning, a minimum of the method I do it. I often brace the bottom of the iPhone 5 on the within of my tiniest finger on my right-hand man when inspecting email first thing in the early morning or late during the night before rest claims me. It can get a bit uneasy after prolonged use in this way.

The Verdict

Ultimately, unless you’ve absolutely nothing but glass tables, the AL13 is a delightfully easy, minimalist, elegant design for an iPhone 5 case, and provides simply enough defense while enabling the stunning design of the iPhone itself to shine forth. While $80 might be a bit on the steep side for many of us, for those to whom design couples, it’s a small price to spend for such a well-crafted and delightfully Apple-like iPhone case.