While demanding stands of different types have actually verified to be preferred accessories for Apple Watch customers, a maybe minimal well-known category of devices rotates around safeguarding the Apple Watch while putting on it.

One of these accessories is Actionproof’s ‘The Bumper,’ a tight-fitting silicone sleeve that assures to protect your new Apple wearable from all the travels also, spills made in daily life. The Bumper may likewise give some defense in severe environments, with the bumper itself providing high resistance to UV radiation, ozone, outside exposure, severe cold (minimum -40 ° C )also, hot (optimal 120 ° C) temperature levels, also, standard chemical as well as scrape combatants.


The advantage regarding The Bumper is that it does exactly what it lays out to do. When put securely around the 42mm Apple Watch situation, The Bumper doesn’t move or jostle throughout the day. It’s a perfect fit for the wearable, with cutouts for the Digital Crown, microphone, speaker, furthermore, heart rate sensing unit. Among the only defensive cases to cover the Digital Crown, The Bumper doings this with a bracketed piece of silicone that bisects over the Crown, leaving a clearance for your finger to manipulate and scroll the knob despite which wrist also, alignment the watch is used on.
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The little sheet covering the Digital Crown makes it so continuing the button is still convenient, though not quite as easy as without The Bumper. And also although a couple of telephone call had more than the Watch with The Bumper went smoothly, I felt my Apple Watch required a more detailed placing to my face compared to normal to both listen to the conversation and give sufficient speaking quantity for the individual to whom I was talking. They, on the various other hand, said no visible dip in quality or quantity throughout the call.

Although I was careful to place my own personal Apple Watch through any kind of kind of exhausting drop screening, a few decreases from midsection elevation to a hardwood flooring assisted The Bumper’s basic shock-absorbing claims. It should also be kept in mind that The Bumper does not directly shield the Apple Watch display, though a slight raised indention on the front of the instance will certainly permit the Watch to be positioned on its face without coming right into contact with a surface area, furthermore, ought to typically reduce the threat of direct damages to the sapphire crystal or Ion-X glass display.
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To examination several of Actionproof’s even more heavy-use cases, I functioned out with The Bumper a couple of times to view how the silicone instance felt on my wrist compared with the basic Apple Watch sans situation. The Bumper itself was largely undetected when moving around over extended periods of time, however I did notice my Watch sliding much more openly around my wrist because of the combination of enhanced sweat and a bigger, top-heavy Apple Watch many thanks to the rubberized case.

Otherwise, the situation really did not conflict with any type of basic features of the Apple Watch in an exercise session. The heart price sensing unit measured my heart defeated regularly throughout both conventional resistance workouts furthermore, a few 3-mile outdoor and also indoor runs. Although it felt like the Watch moved a little bit a lot more regularly on my wrist due to the extra mass, the results of the handful of exercises didn’t seem to reveal any kind of spurious gains symphonious counted or calories burned. Therefore, anyone curious about the extra cushioning of The Bumper can relax assured that it doesn’t disturb any one of the fundamental activity surveillance capacities of the Apple Watch.
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Unfortunately, where The Bumper begins to lose ground to the ease-of-mind incentives it offers in fundamental security is in tiny, less obvious minutes you might not feel that of throughout the day. Many thanks to the small increase in both width as well as elevation, I located obtaining dressed with my Apple Watch on visibly more difficult, with both short-sleeve and also long-sleeve t-shirts getting on The Bumper’s rubberized outer coating.

The standard installation of the case could be a tricky task, as well, thanks to the Apple Watch’s small dimension. Despite The Bumper just available for the larger 42mm Apple Watch, the process of covering The Bumper around your Apple Watch will certainly need more direct hand and also fingernail get in touch with to the wearable compared to some may be comfy with. Although that’s countered by the truth that The Bumper ultimately offers even more defense in once mounted, some customers may not find that the case’s positives outweigh its downsides to run the risk of the procedure in the first place.
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Another cause for problem is in the band elimination procedure when The Bumper is positioned on the Watch. The back of the instance has 2 little nubs representing the Apple Watch’s band elimination buttons, two interactive toggles that are little to start with which The Bumper’s included layer of silicone not does anything to reduce. Greater than a few times I feared that the needed stress needed to lower on the silicone casing as well as switch on the lock buttons would in some way damage my Watch. It never ever did, obviously, but compared to the mainly glossy as well as pain-free procedure of standard band removal, it was a recognizable action backward.

Of training course, maybe the biggest caution being used Actionproof’s The Bumper is the most obvious: some could see it as a bit undesirable, furthermore, break the clean visual that Apple is pursuing with its wearable. Concealing your Apple Watch’s stainless steel or aluminum surface, The Bumper makes the Apple Watch attract attention for its bulk but not always conveniently well-known to a layperson as an Apple Watch, which can be either a favorable or negative baseding upon the customer. The case, especially the black, adds significant aesthetic width to the Apple Watch, which began to look extremely huge on my normal-sized wrist (I use the M/L sporting activity band at the second-to-most tight setting).
Actionproof only markets The Bumper in three shades – black, white, and also orange – so not every sporting activity band will certainly have a going along with color to mix in with, furthermore, in my experience the very best combo of the situation and band has been white-on-white. With simply a white and also blue sporting activity band to my name, I cannot speak with The Bumper’s visual allure with any one of the higher-end Watch bands, however considereding as Actionproof is branding The Bumper with a sports-like edge on its web site, it’s possibly not an item implied to be put on with the Milanese Loop or Link Arm band in the first place.

Bottom Line

In the end, The Bumper’s efficiency in defense versus included bulk will differ considerably from person to person, as any conventional instance does with mobile phones. It gives strong protection to the Apple Watch, however at an expense of several of the brand-new gadget’s great looks and smooth functions– a tradeoff some could not want to make.
If you operate in a more extreme, outdoor setting or partake in high-intensity sports, The Bumper’s $35 rate tag as well as slight bulk are most likely little inconveniences to pay for ease-of-mind. For those people, provided the inceptive market of Apple Watch defensive cases, The Bumper is a strong choice. Those even more concerned in revealing off the great lookouts of the Apple Watch as well as Apple Watch Sport– as well as less concerned regarding little spills as well as bumps their tool may take along the way– most likely will not discover significantly use in Actionproof’s safety rubber case.

How to Buy

The Bumper, which is simply available for the 42mm Apple Watch, could be pre-ordered from the Actionproof internet site for $35 with an existing shipping price quote of June 30.