Remove images from iPad Camera Roll

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Deleting a single photo from the iPad Camera Roll is easy. Erasing a handful of images– state 20 approximately– is also quite basic to get done. However if you’ve got hundreds and even thousands of images in your Camera Roll, there’s not a simple or fast method to remove them all right on the iPad itself.

Fortunately there’s a simple and quick method to do this by connecting your iPad to a Mac or Windows PC and using the default photo import apps.

Here’s how …

On a Mac:

*** A good precaution when doing this is to do one import without selecting the ‘delete after import’ choices and inspect that all your images have been efficiently imported before running it a 2nd time and letting the images be gotten rid of from the iPad.

– Link your iPad to your Mac via USB utilizing its sync cable television.

– Close iTunes if you have got it set to open instantly when your iPad is connected.

– Open the Image Capture app from the / Applications folder. This is an inbuilt app on the Mac– so you don’t need to worry about installing it.

Image Capture App

The Image Capture app will recognize that the iPad is linked and listing it as a Device in its left sidebar. It’ll also reveal thumbnails of the components of the iPad’s Camera Roll in its main window.

Image Capture Devices

– Select the import folder that you desire your Camera Roll images to go to:

At the bottom center of that primary window you’ll see the ‘Import To’ selection field. By default this is readied to import to the / Photo folder under your username. If you click the dropdown arrow it’ll show a couple of even more conventional places (Desktop computer, Files etc)– but you can also pick a custom location. I such as to develop a folder with an obvious name, so it’s much easier to acknowledge a year later on when I get round to sorting through images– something like iPad 3 Photos March_2013, for example.

Image Capture Change folder

– As soon as you’ve actually got your import folder chosen, click the tiny button at the bottom left of the Image Capture sidebar. You’ll see a checkbox for ‘Erase after Import’. If you pick that it’ll do as it says and remove all the images from the iPad Camera Roll. It does this as the import proceeds.


You can even watch the images being gotten rid of if you open the Photos app on the iPad while the import is being done. You can see a little this in my screenshot at the top of this post.

On a Windows PC

*** A great safety measure when doing this is to do one import without choosing the ‘delete after import’ options and check that all your images have been effectively imported prior to running it a second time and letting the images be gotten rid of from the iPad.

– Link your iPad to your Mac by means of USB utilizing its sync cable.

– Close iTunes if you have got it readied to open immediately when your iPad is connected.

– You’ll see the Windows Import Photos and Videos control popup. You can mark the images being imported if you desire.

Windows Pictures and Videos Import

– Click the ‘Import settings’ link because dialog. On the Import Settings screen you’ll have the ability to set which folder to import to and you’ll see a checkbox for ‘Constantly get rid of from device after importing’.

That’s all there’s to it. Happy Camera Roll house cleaning.