Nowadays it looks like we prepare to change nearly every standalone tool with a smart device app or add a Wi-Fi connection to it, when the fact is that a lot of these tools work flawlessly great already. (I’m looking at you, Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators.) It was revitalizing to be able to assess an item that’s certain in just what it is as well as what it isn’t really: the Boogie Board Jot 8.5 eWriter.

The Jot 8.5 is an ultra-thin display that allows you create or attract whatever you desire on it, then immediately get rid of all the components at the press of a switch. Assume of it as a functional Etch-A-Sketch that does not suck.

With the Jot 8.5, less is a lot more …


It includes a stylus pen that clips into the bottom of the tool plus 2 magnets for maintaining it up on the refrigerator or a few other metal installation. The device features an 8.5-inch LCD show. Writing on it with the stylus pen generates a somewhat neon green shade, and also the display is much more comparable to an E-ink because it’s less complicated to see in much better lighting.

The Jot is essentially just a digital notepad, however it works well in ways one probably wouldn’t realize. I locate it’s absolutely most valuable up on the fridge where I can take down notes for points I require to complete today. Given that I often tend to constant my fridge, it’s easy to write down brand-new tasks as required. When it’s time to start a new slate, pressing the only switch on the device will get rid of the display entirely leaving no trace of the previous markings. Battery life lasts for up to 50,000 erases which is exceptional.

I would love to see the capability to eliminate individual aspects if I slip up rather compared to needing to start from blemish. Additionally, once I eliminate the note it’s gone forever – well, at the very least from the Jot itself. This is where the buddy apple iphone application can be found in. I know I jabbered earlier about everything regularly needing Wi-Fi or an application, yet this is only an optional part of the Jot if you desire to prolong its capabilities.

… Except with the companion app

mobile phone

The Boogie Board Jot application for iOS and Android lets you ‘check’ exactly what you have actually created on your Jot to conserve it prior to it’s gone permanently. I utilize the word ‘scan’ loosely since it really simply takes a photo as well as uses a black-and-white filter plus severe comparison to obtain that intended impact. It functions since it makes your text or attracting a lot more clear on a smart device. And also, it lets you annotate as well as modify scans, too.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the app really did not work more often compared to it did. It’s expected to be able to wisely recognize the Jot and also straighten the scan properly, however a number of times it cannot identify mine. When it did identify the Jot, it would certainly cut off the edges of the display so some of my notes were cut off. The app also lets you take hands-on photos to check, but that looks unpleasant with your environments in structure. Hopefully a software application upgrade can repair these issues.

The simple, green notepad

The application apart, I do like the basic purpose of Boogie Board’s Jot 8.5. It’s simply an electronic note pad or attracting tool that could be whatever you desire it to be. And also it goes to an excellent rate too: just $29.99, or a little bit more affordable on Amazon.com. Down the line I ‘d like to see the application boost and get even more functions like probably folders or tags, but the Jot 8.5 is a good, minimalistic gizmo to have around the house.

Price: $21.75

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