Atari founder and Steve Jobs’ first company Nolan Bushnell has announced that he is joining Amsterdam programmers Spil Games to develop a series of initial mobile games.

As part of the offer, Bushnell will develop 3 brand-new online games, with the initial collection for launch in 2017. During his time at Atari, the entrepreneur oversaw the advancement of such timeless online games as Pong, Adventure and Breakout – the latter which likewise took place to be the initial cooperation in between Jobs as well as fellow Apple founder Steve Wozniak.

‘The future of gaming has an extremely solid mobile component,’ Bushnell said in a news release. ‘It’s where many people play video games and it’s where the modern technology as well as ideas are establishing most rapidly.’

Spil Gamings is currently a leading 90 publisher in the Application Store, although it is wished that the new collaboration with Nolan Bushnell will certainly result in bigger and much better things for the advancement house.

Now in his seventies, Bushnell played an important developmental component in Jobs’ life. “Steve and also I got to be extremely buddies,’ he stated in 2014. ‘We lived about 2 blocks away from each other and he would appear on his motorcycle on Saturday or Sunday mornings, as well as we would certainly go as well as get a favorite and talk regarding different company concerns that he had and I would certainly give him advice.’

In 1976, he made a massive tactical mistake when Jobs asked him for a $50,000 financial investment to begin a computer firm: a cash shot that would have provided him a 3rd ownership stake in business which ended up being Apple. Bushnell transformed it down on the basis that Atari was also making computer systems, as well as this would be a dispute of interests.

Can he make back all that lost money with his brand-new, as-yet-unnamed iOS online games? Probably not, however it’ll definitely be fascinating to see just what Nolan and Spil online games have the ability to come up with.