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The Musubo Mummy is a soft-touch TPU case for iPhone 5 that promises top-to-toe protection and an one-of-a-kind, glossy design. It’s a ribbed back that increases grip on your device and maximizes effect defense.

Mummy by Musubo
Category: Case
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $30

The Musubo Mummy– not to be perplexed with Loop Attachment’s Mummy case for iPhone– covers your volume buttons and sleep/wake button for security, but offers access to your mute switch, your headphone jack, and your Lightning port. It also leaves your speakers and rear-facing camera exposed.

It’s available in 7 bright and rather colors, and it’s priced at $30. Let us find out whether it’s worth it.

The Good

The Mummy appears like it ought to be a bulky case, however it’s not as thick as it looks, and it definitely doesn’t make your iPhone 5 too bulky. I really don’t such as cases that include too much bulk– no matter how safety or as functional as they might be– but I’ve actually been utilizing the Mummy on and off for a number of weeks and I actually do not mind its size.

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The Mummy is not really as thick as it looks.

I am likewise a big fan of the ridges on its back. Not just do they look quite cool– they are styled on a mummy’s beard– however they feel surprisingly comfortable and they add grip. They also add great deals of impact defense, making sure that if your device lands on its back when you drop it, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll see any damages.

The sides of the Mummy are likewise thick enough to offer drop security, and they extend around to the front of your device to safeguard its display, permitting you to put your iPhone face-down on your desk without scratching its glass front.

Unlike other TPU cases, the Mummy is really soft and smooth, and its “premium” glossy finish looks excellent, and makes it simple to slip into and out of your wallet. It’s also very versatile, meanings it’s easy to use or get rid of, and it’s bouncy– as you’ll learn if you drop it.

The Bad

While the Mummy’s glossy finish looks excellent, you’ll have a difficult time keeping it clean. It attracts a great deal of fingerprints– like most glossy surface areas– and after a couple of days of use it starts to feel a little … slimy.

The fantastic aspect of it being TPU, nevertheless, is that you can pull it off your iPhone and run it under the tap without harming it.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 19.09.43

The Mummy is not rather an ideal fit.

The other trouble I’d with the Mummy is that its left edge did not sit directly against my iPhone’s display. Take a close review the photo left and you’ll see that it flexes out somewhat to the top-half of the screen.

This is a minor issue that may not affect all cases, but I certainly saw it, and it annoys me. I’ve no idea why, however I desire my iPhone case to be best, especially when it cost me ₤ 30.

The Verdict

The Mummy is a wonderful TPU case for iPhone that adds great deals of effect security without adding too much bulk. It looks excellent– if you clean it every so often– and it’s distinct. If you get one that fits completely– without the somewhat slack sides– then I am sure you’ll be extremely pleased with it.