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For the previous 6 year that I have had an iPhone, not once have I considered purchasing a dock. What’s the point? You have got your cable right there anyway, and unless it adds some fantastic functionality to the iPhone, I’ve actually never seen much point in them. But the Projectone from Karas Kustoms has actually changed my viewpoint on the usefulness of iPhone docks.

Projectone by Karas Kustoms
Category: iPhone Dock
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $45

The Projectone is a machined aluminum dock for your iPhone 5 that passively enhances seem like a megaphone. Its simple style and industrial stylings make it one of the best-looking iPhone docks we have seen in a while, but is it really worth its $45 cost?

The Good


Sound pumps with these two holes and into the acoustic chamber

Like many of the products we have seen from the Karas Kustoms’ garage, the Projectone features a distinct industrial design that feels like something you might’ve purchased directly from a steel plant in the 1940s. Its machined aluminum body matches really perfectly with the brushed aluminium that Apple uses on its Macs and MacBooks.

The Projectone does not look like something Apple would make, however the general design of this boxy iPhone dock makes it special and beneficial. Every little thing about the dock has been very thought out, from the little rubber feet that keep your work desk from getting scratched up, to the basic thumbscrew that keeps your Lightning cable television protected.

There are 4 various finishes to choose from, but I am partial to the Tumbled Raw Aluminum model because it looks more vintage-ish. Every person that’s come by my apartment has asked where I got ‘that neat little iPhone box.’

Because it’s virtually simply a small block of metal, the Projectone is rather heavy, but that’s an advantage. The additional weight suggests your iPhone is much easier to pull off the dock, plus you can always utilize it as a paperweight or deadly weapon if you are in a bind.

Sound amplification on the Projectone is quite solid. Although the Projectone doesn’t have an electric amplifier, it still finishes the job. Songs is noticeably louder when an iPhone is docked on the Projectone, but it’s nothing that’ll blow you away. It cannot out blast some small speakers, but it’ll produce enough noise to keep you pleased at your desk throughout the day.

Because the Projectone does not have its own power supply or Lightning cable television, individuals will need to provide their own. Setup is very simple and takes simply a few seconds, and after utilizing the Projectone for a couple of days I realized that having and iPhone dock on my workdesk assists lower my desk clutter by keeping cables out of sight and from mind.

The Bad


Rubber nubs on the bottom conserve your work desk from scratches

It’s hard to discover grievances about the Projectone. The metal holes in the front grill could probably be made bigger to let even more noise through, however it does a respectable enough job. Another downer is that the Projectone just works with the iPhone 5 or other Lightning capable devices, and it does not have an adjustable viewing angle for your iPhone.

For being such an easy device the rate on the Projectone might be a little bit expensive, but when you think about top iPhone docks like the Altitude Dock are almost twice as much and don’t amplify your sound, it appears like you are getting a suitable deal.

The Verdict

The Projectone does exactly what it’s supposed to do and nothing extra. It’ll charge up your iPhone and intensify your songs at the exact same time. We couldn’t settle on the price, however the awesome design and simpleness of the Projectone make it one of the best iPhone docks we have tried.

Before I used the Projectone I thought iPhone docks were more of a unimportant accessory, however the simplicity of the Projectone assisted me see how beneficial it’s to have a devoted station for your iPhone and my charging cables have actually finally gotten more organized.