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The ThinEdge bumper from MyBanana promises to be the world’s slimmest ‘frame case’ for iPhone 5, delivering minimalist security that doesn’t ruin your phone’s smooth and sexy kind aspect. It includes simply 1mm of thickness to the sides of your device, which is just enough to safeguard its aluminum edges from dings and scratches.

ThinEdge by MyBanana
Category: Bumpers
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $35

The ThinEdge extends somewhat around the front and back edges of your devices to ensure they never ever enter contact with flat materials when placed down, and that means you can flaunt your handset’s design without having to bother with getting scratches.

The ThinEdge provides a soft touch matte finish that enhances grip, and it comes in a variety of colors, including black, orange, pink, silver, and white.

Is it worth its ₤ 23 ($35) cost?

The Good

Jony Ive put a great deal of effort into making your iPhone 5 as thin and as quite as possible, and it seems a shame to ruin that design with a bulky case. But the ThinEdge bumper allows you to see almost all of the front and back of your gadget in all their glory.

The bottom.

The bottom.

The ThinEdge does cover up your iPhone’s sides, and it protrudes ever so somewhat around its front and back edges. However in doing this it provides effect protection against drops, scuffs, and scratches.

If you drop your device on a flat material– from a reasonable height– then the ThinEdge must safeguard it from any damage. You can likewise slide it along your desk without having to stress over scuffing up the glass on the front or the aluminum on the back.

The ThinEdge looks terrific, and its soft, rubbery finish provides a comfy feel that enhances grip. It likewise has all the required openings for your sleep/wake button, headset jack, volume buttons, and mute switch. It evens provides covers for your iPhone’s speakers, which will prevent them from collecting dust and various other detritus.

A little detachable clip– which comes in multiple colors, with two consisted of in every pack– opens up the ThinEdge and allows you to remove it. It’s simple to use and fairly secure, but there’s more on this below.

The Bad

The more you get rid of and replace that clip, the looser it becomes. I have had mine for just a few weeks, however I make sure I get rid of and replace my cases more frequently than most to test various other cases and devices. Although it still holds the ThinEdge together rather well, it does pop off every now and then.

From the front.

From the front.

I should stress that this doesn’t take place all by itself, normally it’s caused by pulling my iPhone out of my pocket or catching it on something like the mess I’ve on my workdesk. However it’s something to keep in mind– as soon as you have fitted the ThinEdge, don’t eliminate it unless you’ve to.

The other niggle I’d with the ThinEdge is that it’s a little rouugh around the edges. The back edges in specific have a rather sharp edge, and in some cases this digs into your fingers when you are using your iPhone. It’s not a significant concern, but if you are using your device for prolonged periods of time, you do begin to see it more.

The just other disadvantage to the ThinEdge is that the opening around the Lightning connector is a bit smaller than I ‘d such as. It allows enough for Lightning cable that you get with your iPhone, but if you make use of a bigger third-party one or the Lightning to micro USB connector that Apple materials, it’ll not fit.

The Verdict

I have bought several bumper cases for my iPhone 5 in an effort to secure it while still displaying its design, many of which are copies of Apple’s own bumpers for the iPhone 4/4S. However the ThinEdge is by far the nicest bumper I have owned, in truth, it’s one of the nicest iPhone 5 cases I’ve actually tested.

The ThinEdge is not as protective as a correct case, but it’s not designed to be. It’s designed to offer you with minimalist defense that will provide some comfort for those who despise to cover up their iPhone.