After investing hundreds and even hundreds of bucks on your brand-new Apple Watch, it’s tough to justify shaking the tool on the table to charge like discarded jewelry. If you’ve got a 3-D ink-jet printer, it’s easy to class points up by printing out an Apple Watch stand.

These 3-D-printed Apple Watch stands will safeguard your state-of-the-art wrist watch from square one and, much more significantly, supply a platform to display your new smartwatch to family and friends – even when you aren’t utilizing it.

A range of 3-D printing data are readily available to download and install completely for free, as well as they get the task done merely fine. Look at a few of the finest layouts around – all of which expense nothing to download.

Apple Watch Charging Wait evancli

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User evancli sent the type for this Apple Watch billing stand to MakerBot’s Thingiverse. The stand allows one band to hinge on leading as well as swirls the various other one underneath. Slip your wall charger through the round hole so the Apple Watch can magnetically clasp and also remain on the stand. This stand is a nice way to showcase your Apple wearable and bill it while remaining rather discreet.

The Growth View Stand by Gothampixel


The Development is possibly one of the most special stand on this list. It’s high and curved, oddly looking like the liquid inside a lava lamp. The slot for the Apple Watch asking for wire is remarkably created to ensure that the cord is on the front, meanings that it’s very easy to swiftly connect or detach the cable television from the stand when you wish to utilize it elsewhere.

Compact Charger Watch Stand by FoolsDelight

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The Compact Battery charger Base on Thingiverse is a small triangular with the charger opening on the side encountering up. Among the watch straps tucks underneath against the surface. It’s by far the littlest base on this listing, so it’s the very best option for being unnoticeable and would certainly also make a good travel companion.

Apple Watch Folding Dock by Teece

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This Apple Watch Folding Dock appears like one of the most standard watch stands you might find in a person’s home, but there’s nothing wrong keeping that. It’s created as if, when hooked up to the wall charger, the Apple Watch rests on the stand at practically a 90-degree angle and the bands cover essentially around the dock. Plus, the stand folds up flat to be compact when traveling. The designer, Teece, mentions that a person screw is called for to link the 2 components, which print out separately.

Apple Watch as well as apple iphone 6 Dock by Ferdinand128

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This multi-device dock is broad, with a tall docking location for the Apple Watch to ask for, bands hanging unimpeded, and also an iPhone docking area right close to that. Apple’s Lightning cable television could slip via the back to ask for the apple iphone while it stands upright, though the stability of the Lightning cable television in this stand is questionable. Designer Ferdinand128 claims he published the twin stand in regarding 30 hours.