I try my finest to keep away from cliches when composing testimonials. However, with the app that I’m gonna review today, it’s essential that I utilize the old proverb: a photo is worth a thousand words. It’s so extremely true, and in this age of chronic attention deficit disorder, pictures are the most convenient way to communicate the message to your audience.

But exactly what if a picture is not really by itself enough to obtain the message throughout and there’s something more you have got to say? Not everybody is good at understanding the subtext behind a visual, and this needs you to clearly spell out what’s on your mind. ThingLink is an app that helps you bring life to your images by associating pertinent multimedia content to them. Let us go inspect it out!

Understanding ThingLink

I cringe whenever a mobile app forces me to sign up or indication in. To gain access to ThingLink, you’ll need to sign up with them. Fortunately, the type was just 2 fields long and there was a specialized @ type in the keyboard to sweeten the procedure (I cannot believe the number of apps miss this apparent type in their keyboards when there’s a register or sign in page!).

ThingLink welcomed me with a thumbnail view of my photos ready to be uploaded and shared with the world. I skipped that part to look around, feel and comprehend the ThingLink benefit. I’d the ability to do it in a single jump by accessing the 4 squares icon to the left. The interface is minimalistic and each interactive image holds small icons suggesting the kind of content attached to them.

A Stream of Interactive Images Created by Others

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A Stream of Interactive Images Developed by Others

For some reason, this screen was ominously labelled My ThingLink Images, even when I have not published or liked any. Also, I was shown the same set of images all day long– there even was not a pull to revitalize choice. I was a bit puzzled as I was expecting a never ever ending stream of interactive images shared in actual time. Is not really it supposed to be like that?

A couple of new images showed up after I vigorously closed the app by getting rid of the background procedure. Still, I was unsure why this was occurring. Provided the buzz around the app, I hope they don’t have the issue of not nearly enough people publishing new images.

Experiencing Interactivity

Frankly, it was rather fun to experience the interactive images. Comments carry the details or a heart icon and multimedia files sport a play icon. Tapping on them raises the embedded material in stunning little overlays. Practically all images carried one or more songs as well as when there was no remark affixeded to an image, there was a track attached showing the high psychological connection.

Interactive Images with Content and Audio Files Attached

Interactive Images with Material and Audio Files Attached

All tunes are streamed from Soundcloud as well as because tiny display’s real estate, there were numerous options loaded into it. I wish there was a means to make this multimedia overlay larger. That means, it would be simple to see the images of people who suched as the tune (the thumbnails are shown in a row of adventurous, microscopic little dots today) or to scroll with them real quick.

A Comment and Audio File Uploaded to Soundcloud

A Comment and Audio File Uploaded to Soundcloud

The choice to download the track is fantastic and you can either share this song directly by means of Soundcloud or make use of ThingLink’s share choices to spread the word about the entire interactive image.

Making An Interactive Image

Creating an Interactive Image with Text and Video

Creating an Interactive Image with Text and Video

The convenience with which one can develop an interactive image utilizing ThingLink requires a special mention, too. It’s an easy, easy-to-understand procedure that doesn’t need much effort from the individual. Choose the image of your selection and choose whether you wish to include remarks or videos. It’s so cool that you can position your uploads anywhere on the image. It’s such a brilliant idea to bring even more context by best placement!

Sharing Options for the Interactive Image and the Upload Screen

Sharing Options for the Interactive Image and the Upload Screen

Once you’re finished with including content, the upload takes place relatively rapidly and my image was up in no time. The sad thing is, once you publish an interactive image, you won’t have the ability to edit it to include brand-new additions. Likewise, I couldn’t detect a choice to add music files (like the ones I identified in various other images), and there were only options to include videos from either the gallery or from YouTube and Vimeo.

Final Thoughts

It’s tough to understand exactly what ThingLink does or exactly what purpose it in fact serves by simply hearing or reading about it. Using it firsthand is a fantastic way to experience the shine of the idea. As some have currently mentioned, the possibilities are endless, for both laid-back individuals and brand names alike.

From developing remarkable greetings to interactive travel photos, the app assists you communicate in brand-new ways. Despite a few drawbacks I mentioned previously, ThingLink is wonderful for picture lovers and social media enthusiasts. I am so happy that we’ve at least one meaningful app in the social image sharing area that does not restrict itself to botching our images. Now it’s time to wait and see how the society puts the app to utilize!