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I examined the Acase Collatio for iPhone 5 back in May, and I discussed it was one of the best leather pocketbook cases I ‘d checked to date. It looked great, its construct quality was outstanding, and it was perfectly priced. I could not wait to get my hands on Acase’s leather iPad mini case, then.

Leather case for iPad mini by Acase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad mini
Price: $39.99

I’ve to be truthful, I have had it stashed away in a cupboard for a while. I got it not long after the iPad mini was launched, but I’d many cases to evaluate at the time that I wound up ignoring it. Evaluating the Collatio advised me it was there, and I have been utilizing it on my iPad mini since.

Like the Collatio, the iPad mini case is made entirely of leather, and it’s a front cover that folds over to protect your display. When you are using your device, the front cover functions as a stand for entering or watching motion pictures.

Magnets inside the front cover wake your iPad when you open it, then put it back to sleep once more when you close it. They also guarantee the front cover stays closed when you want it to.

The case provides access to all your iPad mini’s ports, buttons, and cameras, and it’s available in black, chestnut, and vintage brown, with a $39.99 price tag.

The Good

The Acase for iPad mini is a gorgeous case. Its high quality leather design offers a sophisticated and professional look while providing your gadget with security from go to toe. It fits like a glove, and the iPad mini is held safely inside with a leather flap that insinuates behind the gadget.


The insides.

The construct quality is excellent, the stitching is strong and orderly, and I’ve no worries about it breaking down after months of heavy use. Acase has actually clearly made use of the very best materials and constructed this thing to last.

I’ve actually been making use of the ‘vintage brown’ version of the case, which has a soft matte leather finish. It’s gotten many scratches because I’ve actually been using it– primarily thanks to the children– however as you’ll see from the images, they include character to the case and provide it a fantastic used look. I think it looks better now than it did brand name new.

With that being the case, I ‘d advise choosing this color over the black and chestnut brown variations, which are made from glossy leather and are less likely to look excellent all scratched up.

When you are using your iPad, the front cover of the Acase folds over and clips into the case of the case to function as a stand. It offers a great angle for keying in– though it’s a little high so you won’t want to use it too long– and for watching motion pictures. The stand is pretty strong, so there’s no have to bother with your iPad falling flat on its face.

Scratches add character to this case and give it an excellent pre-owned appearance.

The magnets within the front cover work similar to Apple’s SmartCover magnets to wake your device when you require it, and put it back to sleep again when you don’t. They also make sure the front cover stays closed when you desire it to, and they prevent your display from being exposed if your device is dropped.


The Bad

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 18.37.37

Tight fit.

One of the concerns I’d with the Collatio is that there hadn’t been sufficient access to the iPhone’s mute switch, and I have had the same trouble here with the iPad mini. It’s not quite as bad, however as you’ll see from the picture below, there is not really enough room above the mute switch to get your finger in, so triggering quiet mode is a discomfort.

Switching silent mode off once again is not really a problem, and neither is using the volume buttons.

The other thing to note about this case is that it’s a little thick. Since the iPad mini is so thin, including any case makes it feel fatter than it should be, but the thick leather on this one makes it thicker than a lot of.

I got used to that pretty quickly. I thought my biggest gripe would be eliminating my iPad mini to utilize it in my stand, but with the case’s front cover doing that task, I haven’t required to.

There is not sufficient room above the mute switch to obtain your finger in.

It’s worth bearing in mind if you are attempting to protect your iPad mini’s tiny type element, though.

The Verdict

The Acase for iPad mini is a really stunning method to protect your gadget, and it feels and look like it must cost a lot more than $40. If you are looking for an excellent leather case for your iPad mini, be sure to go to Acase.