I share this tip this week because, for the 3rd year in a row, I locate myself having the exact same trouble. It seems that the Lightning Port of the iPhones 6, SIX and 7 all have a certain destination to lint. Because I use denims to work most days as well as keep my phone in my front pocket, this lint build-up is unavoidable and also constantly appears to pop up right concerning currently. However, it is conveniently corrected if you recognize exactly what to look for.

The ideal method I can describe when the buildup gets to the factor of being an issue is the port feeling “mushy” when you connect your Lightning Wire in. It will no more seat particularly well. The adapter could walk around, and eventually will start breaking cost-free if you move it at all when charging. If you let it go long sufficient, you will start to see billing removed also when your Lightning Cable television looks like it is properly seated.

This very first time I has this concern was with my iPhone 6 Plus, ideal regarding this same season. Considering that I was busy with job and hadn’t seen this concern before then, I avoided doing anything about it for a while. By late that August, charging my phone was ending up being an actual challenge. I was convinced that the Lightning Port was malfunctioning, so I made a Wizard Visit and also finally took my 6 And also to my local Apple Store.

The Wizard took a peek at my phone and also asked me a couple of concerns. He powered it off, smiled, as well as claimed he would certainly be right back. When he came back, he showed me a tiny, yet dense clump of lint that he had obtained out of the port. This came as a huge surprise to me, as I was expecting to have to obtain a guarantee exchange for a brand-new gadget. Instead, I obtained to take mine residence and also maintain utilizing it for minority weeks remaining before the launch of the SIX Plus.

Around a year ago, I started seeing the same issue with my 6S And also. This moment I recognized specifically what was wrong, so I proactively made my Genius appointment as quickly as I noticed the Lightning Cable television link degrading. As quickly as informed the Wizard what I thought was occurring, he nodded and also claimed, “Yep. I see this all the moment.” He had the port cleansed and also me out the door in no time.

I returned to the Apple Shop in 2014 for making certain I didn’t damage my tool. I really did not have to pay either time I took it to them to get lint cleaned, and also in the unlikely event that the Brilliant had actually slipped up and damaged my phone, I believe Apple would certainly have covered me. So, if you are having this concern and live near an Apple Store, I would personally recommend taking the easy escape and also setting up an appointment to have a Wizard tidy your Lightning Port out for you.

If you are feeling daring, looking after this yourself isn’t rocket science. It simply takes a little patience and treatment. As well as the appropriate device. First off, you should power your phone down. You stand less possibility of harming the Lightning Port if voltage isn’t present, and you stand a far better opportunity of that if the phone is off.

Second, you require the appropriate device. I would avoid metal as well as timber products if whatsoever feasible. Also with the phone off, voltage can still exist with a billed battery. A steel device could create a brief and also damage your port if you aren’t mindful. A timber execute, such as a toothpick, could break off and also splinter inside your device if you typically aren’t careful.

My choice of tool was a plastic toothpick, which came out of the end of a tiny Pocket knife. Breaking short an item of a plastic fork (making use of the other end from the break, obviously) could do just as well, if it is lengthy as well as thin enough and isn’t really also sharp. The plastic toothpick had the ability to reach all areas of the port, and also was versatile and also soft adequate to refrain any damage. It is the excellent tool for removing dust, in my humble point of view. Currently my Lightning Port is clear, and also my Lightning Cord is correctly seated as well as attached again.

Has any individual else discovered similar concerns with a loosened, “mushy,” or inconsistent Lightning Cord connection as time has worn on with their iPhone? Has any person else had this corrected at the Apple Store, or simply cleaned up the dust out themselves? If so, allow me understand in the Remarks section below, on Flipboard, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.