Titan Souls Review

July 26, 2015

Titan Spirits for Mac is a video game regarding dexterity and also wits– a gauntlet of boss fights undertaken by a lowly traveler with just a blood-red bow, a solitary arrow, as well as a purple hair ribbon to her name.

The arrowhead is Titan Hearts’ signature technician. Once loosed, you’ll have to retrieve it, either manually or holding a button to call it homeward, as if by magnetism or telepathy. This enchanted arrow then charts a straight line towards its master, piercing anything in its path.

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Nocking as well as fetching arrowheads are stationary tasks leaving your hero vulnerable to attack. She’s incredibly delicate: a glancing strike from a rock clenched fist or billed beam of light will send her body back to the local checkpoint glyph. The good news is, the inverse likewise applies: one real arrow is enough to fell any one of Titan Souls’ hulking gizmos or malevolent plants. Either means, death comes instantly, and also this symmetric fragility makes each encounter fast and also tense.

Most foe experiences call for an added level of reduction. You’ll feel brilliant for sussing out each enemy’s Achilles’ heel, yet Titan Souls’ exactitude implies that the void in between creating a plan and also implementing it is a wide one.

Exploring Titan Spirits’ isometric overworld for the very first time is a happiness. Adversary titans are spread among snowy plains and tangled woodlands. Dying as well frequently saps the globe of its marvel: repeatedly trekking in between checkpoints as well as boss battles is not enjoyable, a some little bit of chaff in an otherwise concentrated game.

The bottom line. Titan Hearts distills video game fight to its essence, exhibiting a clearness as well as accuracy that’s all also some– as well as it’s all the much better for it.