TiVo has announced a brand-new line of DVR models that’ll ultimately consist of support for streaming of live and taped shows to the iPhone and iPad. The new TiVo, called the Roamio, consists of built-in wireless and a new TiVo Stream function that’ll allow individuals to connect their iPhones and iPads to the Roamio remotely and stream live channels and tape-recorded programs.

The news release from TiVo showcases a host of disclaimers, nonetheless– the TiVo Stream feature isn’t available at launch but must be offered in the next couple of months, streaming is ‘limited to a limited number of devices owned’ by the subscriber, and not all material can be streamed from the house. Some unspecified material is restricted to mobile gadgets on the local network rather.

The new box also includes a new HTML5-based platform that TiVo says will enable faster app rollouts and upgrades– TiVo already sustains apps from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, among others.

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‘While so many people enjoy TV, they’ve no idea what TiVo can do for their love of TV. TiVo Roamio is so much even more than simply the very best DVR, it’s for individuals who’re everything about enjoying their TV– that’s why we call our most current providing Roamio,’ said Tom Rogers, TiVo’s Head of state and CEO. ‘Now, wherever you roam your TiVo Roamio is there. In the next room, in the cooking area, in a hotel room across the world– connecting you right to your living-room TELEVISION recordings, so you can get them instantly wherever you are. In addition, you can get all your routine cable television networks, the very best DVR attributes available, all combined with preferred streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube in one box, accustomeding one remote. With approximately six tuners, loads more space to tape-record your programs so on those Sunday nights when all the fantastic TELEVISION is on you can capture it to see throughout the week. Take every box or gadget out there– Roku, Apple TV, Slingbox, Google TV, your standard cable box– all rolled into one. This is rather simply the best TiVo we’ve actually ever made and is truly for people who love TELEVISION.’

The TiVo Roamio is offered in $200, $400 and $600 models with 4 to six tuners and up to 3TB of storage. TiVo boxes require a CableCard from a cable television company or HD antenna and don’t deal with satellite services like DirecTV.