The apple iphone 6 and also the iPhone 6 Plus are Apple’s thinnest iPhones yet at 6.9 as well as 7.1 mm, respectively, and these ultra slim devices have spawned an array of extremely slim situations that intend to provide scrape security without including bulk. Of the loads of lightweight cases on the market, the Headscarf case from California case maker Totallee is just one of the thinnest you can acquire, gauging in at 0.35 mm, and also it’s budget friendly, at $14.99.

We went hands-on with Totallee’s Headscarf instance for the iPhone 6 Plus and you could see exactly what we thought about it in both the quick video evaluation here and also our longer whole review.


At roughly the density of a finger nail, the Scarf is designed not to be noticed– its main goal is to assimilate with your phone and deal inconspicuous security. It comes in shades that are designed to match the apple iphone covering– black, gold, white, and also light grey. Light gray is a brand-new addition to the Scarf lineup, as well as was conceived to be a better suit for the Area Gray apple iphone than the formerly readily available black color.
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The Scarf is made of polypropylene, a light in weight polycarbonate polymer. It is flexible as well as bendable, so if you bend it powerfully, it can be harmed. The instance’s versatility allows it slip easily over an iPhone. Like a lot of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases, the Scarf has cutouts for the rear cam, the power switch, the quantity switch, and the mute button. It covers the top of the phone, however leaves the bottom open for accessibility to the Lightning port, speaker holes, and also earphone port.

Since there are cutouts for the mute switch and quantity buttons instead of a solitary bigger opening, the Scarf can make it somewhat harder to silence and unmute the phone. It is not any harder to access the power button or the quantity switch however, since those require simply a press as opposed to a changing action.

The Scarf is transparent, so it permits the style aspects of the iPhone to reveal with, and also there’s no branding, which is one more bonus offer. With the gold, white, as well as light grey instances, you can clearly view the antenna bands of the iPhone, the apple iphone markings, and the famous Apple logo design. With the silver as well as light gray instances specifically, the Headscarf is nearly undetected on a phone from a distance.
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As slim as it is, the Headscarf does not provide decrease protection. There’s no padding to save your phone if it falls from a distance, and since the sides of the instance do not come up near the display with a lip like lots of thicker iPhone cases, it’s likewise not visiting protect the display screen in any type of means when it’s put deal with down on a surface.

What it is useful for is safeguarding the apple iphone from small scratches and also every day deterioration that could take place when bring the iPhone around in a pocket or a bag. Incorporated with a screen protector, your device is visiting be reasonably secure from square one, dings, and also various other cosmetic damage.

At 0.35 mm, the Totallee Scarf is not thick enough to provide defense for the extending back camera of the iPhone 6 and also 6 Plus when put on a difficult surface, so there’s visiting be some wobble. Measured with a caliper, the apple iphone 6 cam sticks out just over 0.75 mm from the body, so the Scarf would certainly should be twice as thick to make the phone flush with the camera.
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In addition to supplying scratch protection, the Headscarf adds a small little bit of additional grasp to the apple iphone 6 and also 6 Plus, making them less complicated to keep. The situation feels like a thick plastic, however with some small texturizing that really feels enjoyable in the hand (for referral, it feels comparable to the plastic of a gallon milk container). The included hold is nowhere near as much as the Apple-branded silicone apple iphone 6 situation, but it’s enough that it doesn’t unclothe a hand very as easily.

Who’s it For?

The Headscarf is a case for those of you who are trying to find scrape protection to keep your iPhone beautiful, however with no added bulk.

It seems nearly criminal to include a situation to among the brand-new apples iphone due to their extreme thinness as well as feel in the hand, but the Scarf brings in so little additional density that it’s a great concession for individuals that really want the look of an unconfined apple iphone with a few of the defense of a case.
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How to Buy

The Headscarf can be bought from the Totallee internet site for $14.99. It’s also available on Amazon at the a little less costly price of $12.99.