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I was searching around the web, looking for an enjoyable, affordable game to use my Mac, and perhaps pass along to you Cult of Mac readers for your weekend enjoyable. I found Tower Wars, a fairly deep tower offense and defense title, and it appeared to be a good price at 8 dollars.

Then I visited the Steam store and discovered it opting for 40 percent off, making this currently inexpensive Mac game even cheaper at $4.79.

So, if you’ve actually got five bucks, time to spare, and you like tower defense (and offense), you may wish to grab yourself a copy, too.

From Supervillain Studios (Fat Princess: A Fistful of Cake, Tron: Evolution), steampunk-flavored Tower Wars pits you in the Red castle against the vicious, low-born red castle. You’ll have to establish numerous upgradable towers, each with its own tool of damage, like arrows, bombs, electric zappers, and the like. Towers will keep the wicked red castle forces from ruining your virtuous blue castle, and let you enjoy your floating castle city and all its rum in peace. You can establish towers on any hex-shaped area, creating a maze of doom and destruction for the onslaught of enemy grunts, knights, and others.

Gold mines keep the resources flowing, and you can send out more miners along, or upgrade the mine itself, to bring the yellow things in that much faster.

While all that’s going on, of course, you’ll also have to send your own soldiers barreling along the course, taking in the opponent tower arrows and bombs along the means. The game becomes a delicate yet harsh dance of defense and offense, each strategy commonly at odds with each various other. You’ll make indicate unlock upgrades for troops and your castle as well as your towers, too.

Tower Wars simply added an up to three player cooperative mode, letting you and 2 various other buddies play in the Royal Rum Bowl together, or you can just play online against one, 2, or three other individuals in ranked or unranked matches. Heck, there’s even a fundamental tower defense mode to see how fast you can get rid of all the enemy creeps. Okay, right?

I’d have chosen this game up for 8 dollars, however for less than 5, it’s a killer deal. You’ll need a Mac with at least Snow Leopard on it with an Intel Core Duor Processor of 2 GHz or much better, with 2G of RAM and 1.6 G of hard disk space. Your video card will ened to be at least an ATI Radeon 2400 or an NVIDIA GeForce 8600 to play.

So, if a steampunk-themed tower defense/offense game gets your airship engines humming, you’ll wish to head on over to the Steam store and invest that $4.79.