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On your iPhone, iPad or Mac, Withings smart scale makes tracking your weight easy.

I enjoy it when hardware incorporates with iOS devices, enhancing them with new powers they never intended to possess. The Withings WS-50 wise scale, paired with their great iOS app, does just that.

WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Scale by Withings
Category: iOS Accessories
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: $150

By linking to your Wi-Fi and sending your health stats to the cloud, the Withings WS-50 wise scale enables you to effortlessly track your weight, body mass index, indoor air quality, as well as your heart rate. All you need to do to make it work, is step on the scale from time to time, then boot up their app to see simply how fat or cut you are getting.

What It Does

Unlike a fridge with an LCD display, Withings’ Wi-Fi enabled wise scale in fact makes sense.

Withings’ app gathers and screens data gathered by the scale.

Each time you step on the scale, the WS-50 takes dimensions, then sends those health stats to the cloud so, the next time you link via their iOS app, you can view all your weight and heart rate numbers all arranged by date. You can even view your weight and BMI graphed gradually if you are brave enough.

Unlike a fridge with an LCD screen, Withings’ Wi-Fi enabled clever scale actually makes sense

Built for use in a household, the WS-50 can also track several people. As soon as you set up a user account, you’ll be recognized (by weight) each time you step on the scale, and your matching data will be conserved to your very own specific Withings account for you to see later on. It’s a neat function.

Air quality is determined throughout the day as well, even when you are not making use of the scale.

In Use

The WS-50 is a superb example of Steve Job’s vision for iOS gadgets, joined the smart scale, your iPhone or iPad become changed into totally different gadgets. It’s kind of impressive that a phone, with a great app and wirelessly connected to a scale with the magic of the cloud, can an become a health tracking device.

Step on and the WS-50 understands who you are.

Here’s how it works. When you step on the scale, your weight is taken, as is your heart rate and BMI, and then that info is beamed to the cloud. Utilized frequently, and you can get a good idea daily weight, heart rate, and air quality variation. Now you can see how much holiday weight you gain.

A huge part of the miracle, and a crucial element to how all this works, is the Withings app itself. The app, which is complimentary, is not really just easy to utilize, however offers several ways to view your weight, BMI, air quality, and heart rate information, all laid out ever time, in both chart and data kind.

The Withings app can likewise link to their blood pressure and sleep devices, which, like the scale, upload information to the cloud so it can be tracked in the app.

WS-50 tracks your weight but also your indoor air quality.

That’s kind of the Macro view of the Withings gadgets and app. Utilized together and with their information obtainable on your iOS device, Withings has the ability to offer you with some baseline health data that are simple to keep track of. You can even give an additional person, like a doctor or spouse, access to your wellness information via their internet site, where you or those you enable can see your the stats.

So I am impressed, as you can most likely tell, with the sheer energy of the WS-50, but also with the Withings environment. Here’s a scale that makes tracking your weight and BMI uncomplicated and thought-free, even for multiple people, all by means of a very attractive user friendly iOS app.

A couple of little gripes though.

I likewise observed that if I weighed myself right after a shower my BMI’d really increase.

My first: though my weight seemed precise enough, I question how well the WS-50 was computing my BMI. I state this because, on some days, I ‘d be around 19 %, but others, approximately 25 %. That appears like a large variance, and I likewise observed that, if I considered myself right after a shower (while my feet perspired), my BMI’d actually increase. Curious.

The cloud connectivity also indicates the WS-50 drinks power. In a plain 2 months, I’d to change all 4 AAA batteries included with the scale. That’s fast. My ‘dumb’ scale has actually gone 4 years on the same batteries. Hope you’ve some rechargeable’s laying around.