Real Estate by Trulia

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The U.S. realty market is seeing a bit of a rebound right now and, with it, genuine estate-related online services like Zillow, Redfin and Trulia and beginners like Houzz are likewise getting back in the groove of introducing routine updates. Trulia today launched its redesigned iPad app, which now includes brand-new listing pages with huge pictures, a new navigation menu and an enhanced map view. The Trulia redesign comes a week after Zillow launched its revamped iPhone app.

Previously, Trulia’s residential property pages looked a bit chaotic compared to some of the contending services, however in this redesign, they’re being upgraded. Images are now significantly larger, and the sidebar now includes a map view, in addition to prices history and additional info, without attempting to crowded all the information about the house into it.

The sidebar now likewise features a bit more local info, consisting of the typical house rate in the neighborhood and college ratings. Trulia previously just revealed this info in its residential property outcomes map. Users can also use the normal iOS motions to zoom in and out of the brand-new images.

The remainder of the app now follows the same design style as the home pages, consisting of the brand-new navigation menu, which has also been structured and streamlined compared with the previous version.

Just like previously, though, the app still puts a map at the center of the search experience. In this new variation, however, the business has actually included colored markers to make it simpler to see which homes you’ve actually already reviewed and whiches have just started the marketplace.

Trulia has actually been slowly ramping up its development over the last couple of months, just recently launching its Trulia Suggests function, which picks up from your searching habits on the site and provides individuals with tailored referrals. As we reported last month, Trulia also recently completed a $150 million in follow-on funding to reinforce its cash reserves and for potential acquisitions and mergers.