I have viewed the Dumb Ways to Die music video, humorous and disturbing at one time, perhaps a million times, so I was elated when I saw there was a companion game for iOS. Maintaining all of the dark humor of the initial video, Dumb Ways to Pass away gives you the power to conserve all the characters. Or if cannot1 of a darker sensibility, see what occurs when luck is not really on their side.

Game of Minigames

Dumb Ways to Pass away is a collection of minigames, and you play them in quick succession to rack up a high rating. All of the minigames come from the Dumb Ways to Pass away music video, produced by Metro Trains Melbourne. You’ll eventually have the possibility to unlock the video, but it’s been out for a while anyway, so that’s not a substantial benefit. What you wish to do is finish the minigames to put into your collection of opened characters and watch them dance to the tinny Dumb Method to Die background music, that’s where all the fun is.

Save this guy who set his hair on fire from dying.

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Save this man who set his hair on fire from passing away.

Each minigame only lasts for a few seconds, so you’ll have to act quickly to succeed. The minigame cannot0 really be clarified to you, or if it is, you’ll likely just get a single line of direction. In one game, for instance, you need to conserve oblivious triplets by relocating them out of the course of an oncoming train. Should you turn them in the direction you want them to relocate, tap them and the area you wish to them to hit, or drag them to obtain them to scoot forward? It’s not specific, and some of these little games will take a bit of experimentation prior to you identify exactly what it’s cannot1 expected to do.

Earn point for completing each minigame and just because you deserve it!

Earn point for completing each minigame and just because you deserve it!

That’s okay, though, since you’ve three chances each time you play, so even if you did not manage to save all 3 men, cannot2 still got two even more attempts to get it right. Dumb Ways to Die has sort of a reduced threshold for excellence, anyhow, cannot1 acquiring points to open bizarre and macabre characters on the title display, and it simply doesn’t take that lots of points to get those guys. This game is not actually about the achievements, it’s to do with the funny animations within the games, and letting the characters pass away can be simply as enjoyable as saving them.

Collect lots of guys to hang out at the train station.

Collect great deals of guys to hang out at the train station.

Sure, this game was put out by a public transportation company in Australia and is based off of a track that’s basically a civil service announcement, but you shouldn’t get the incorrect concept here. Dumb Ways to Die is more entertainment than anything else. There’s certainly a message therein if you want to try to find it, and you can take a train security pledge with a single tap, but if you just wish to conform without any preachy security lessons, that’s an option. Obviously, knowing that you should not chase helium balloons on train tracks is simply excellent intel, so it’s not a bad concept to pay attention to the subtle messages of the minigames. Various other words of knowledge from Dumb Ways to Die: Do not keep a rattlesnake as a pet dog or open the door for psychos. Good to understand!

More Ways to Die

I am visiting tell you, some of these minigames are simply hard! There are a couple I never completed properly, no matter the amount of I tried. Some of the others can only be won if you’ve lots of time, however because the clock quickens as you proceed, those minigames become far more challenging and even impossible. I am fine with that, because there’s not truly a point to acquiring 30,000 points in Dumb Ways to Pass away, it’s just not that kind of game, and I like seeing the deaths, too. I simply wish I could identify ways to get the hand over of the toaster without electrocuting that one guy, perhaps the developer made that one unwinnable since putting a real fork in a genuine toaster is constantly visiting be an unwinnable situation. (Don’t do it! You cannot win!)

She's oblivious to the danger.

She’s oblivious to the danger.

If you’ve actually seen the original Dumb Ways to Die video, you may be searching for your preferred means to pass away in the game, and I hope you find it, I actually do, but possibilities are that it has not been consisted of. Many of the deaths did not appear to make it into the game. There are a number of problems with that. There were a lot of amusing deaths in the video I ‘d like to avoid and/or participate with in the game. Absolutely nothing doing, though, because they are simply not there. With so few deaths in Dumb Ways to Pass away, the minigames can get quite redundant pretty rapidly. You’ll be playing the same games over and over again. There’s something to be stated for that, due to the fact that you’ll improve and much faster at each minigame, but I ‘d like to see some even more selection.

Final Thoughts

Despite the reasonably few deaths you’ll get to see in Dumb Ways to Die, it’s still an unbelievably entertaining game. The animations are lovable, and the black humor strikes simply the right note. It’s a great deal of enjoyable to identify ways to save (or kill) each character, and while the train security message is still present, Dumb Ways to Die is not preachy. It’s a definitely charming game and truly a should bet anybody who likes their jokes just a bit scary.