Tweetbot 2 for Mac was a long awaited update to Tapbots’ great Twitter application, bringing a host of new capability and a flat, Yosemite-friendly redesign to fans. It wasn’t exactly a finished launch, as Macworld’s consumer review makes clear.

But Tapbots is not a developer to leave points half-done. They have merely released Tweetbot 2.0.1 for Mac, and it’s so ahead of the contour it sustains a feature also Twitter hasn’t already provided on yet.

As the initial incremental upgrade, you won’t find a mile-long listing of adjustments, yet you will certainly locate a variety of pest solutions, including one that could possibly plunge the application when mentioning a fellow individual, as well as one that struck when you were publishing a new profile photo.

The large 2 feature updates are support for Twitter’s new ‘quote tweet’ performance, which allows you to fully price estimate a tweet, while additionally replying in 140 personalities or less. It also assists Twitter’s new capacity to assist virtually countless DM, which I would certainly call ‘in advance of the contour:’ even Twitter’s not directly assisting it yet.

What does that indicate? When Twitter transforms their new DM function on, it’ll quickly function on Tweetbot 2.

Tweetbot 2.0.1 for Mac also speeds up the process of changing between your Twitter accounts, helpful if you have greater than one.

You can purchase Tweetbot 2 for Mac at a promotional price of $12.99 at the link below.