Unity, the engine behind a plethora of iOS apps, was today upgraded to version 4.2.2, adding iOS Game Controller support. According to the release notes, iOS game controller support plugs straight into the basic Unity Input API.

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Like most mobile games developers, we’ve actually been closely following exactly what essential additions and changes the just recently launched iOS 7 upgrade has actually made. Among the most significant and most amazing of Apple’s initiatives is the standardization of game controllers for iOS-based platforms. So we are happy to inform you that, in addition to numerous crucial vermin repairs for Xcode 5 / iOS 7 (Build&Run, WebCamTexture and condition bar), Apple Controller support is consisted of with 4.2.2!

First presented with iOS 7, Apple’s Game Controller API is developed to work with MFi (Made for iPhone) game controllers. While no such controllers have yet to be launched, several are said to be in the works, consisting of providings from Logitech and GameCase.

Multiple games have actually also started integrating Game Controller support, consisting of major titles like Walking Dead and Bastion. Though there’s no information offered on when MFi controllers could be readily available, increasing news of support recommends that the launch might come at any time, possibly during Apple’s iPad-centric fall event.

Unity’s blog post also has a mini tutorial for Unity designers that consists of ideas on how to add controller support to games.