Boombotix, a company that successfully made and manufactured a line of speakers that began on Kickstarter, has a new audio app, Boombotix Sync, in development and is looking for funding by means of a new Kickstarter campaign.

The app, which was motivated by the company’s speakers, is created to allow people to integrate their music throughout several devices (and multiple Bluetooth speakers) using simply a mobile network.

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Boombotix Sync is a mobile app that synchronizes music across multiple gadgets over a mobile network. This brand-new innovation unlocks the capacity for peer-to-peer mobile surround sound and shared listening. Whether you are managing a mobile flash mob or riding on the bus with a pal discretely jamming out on your headsets, this app enables us to enjoy music together wirelessly no issue where we are.

In order to share music, each individual has to have a copy of the Boombotix Sync app. One user puts their gadget in ‘DJ Mode’ which permits their music to be streamed to others that are linked to the stations. All gadgets should be linked to a network (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or LTE). Each gadget will then play integrated music, and each gadget can likewise link over Bluetooth to any wireless speaker, like a Jambox or Boombotix’s own Rex speakers.

The system allows for multiple Bluetooth speakers to be synced approximately play the same music, as long as there’s a device for each speaker. As it’s difficult for even more than one Bluetooth speaker to be connected to a single gadget, the Boombotix Sync app provides a way to hack numerous speakers together, which is perfect for celebrations and other outdoor paying attention situations. It’s likewise an useful way for 2 or more property owner to pay attention to the same music throughout fars away or on multiple devices like headphones.

The app has 4 modes overall, with the DJ Mode enabling the primary individual to establish a playlist to stream to other individuals. In Listen Mode, users can sync up with the DJ, and the Nearby DJs mode will display local devices that are arrived DJ Mode. At the present point in time, the Boombotix Sync app is created to work solely with SoundCloud, but the developers have strategies to include extra music services in the future.

Boombotix Sync is compatible with the iPhone 4 and later on, the iPad mini, and the iPad 2 and later on and it likewise works with any audio accessories paired with those gadgets, consisting of earphones, stereos, and speakers.

Interested backers can get access to the app for $5, and the company is likewise offering unique deals that pair the app with a wireless speaker for $55 or $100. According to the Kickstarter page, Boombotix expects to have the app ready by December of 2013.