Updated: Has Apple finally found out how to fix Maps?

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Update: Maps are weighing greatly on Apple’s mind as the tech titan discovered its means to buying yet another smaller, geo-focused company today.

Initially reported by Bloomberg and later confirmed in a statement to AllThingsD, the iDevice maker has agreed to buy HopStop, which offers walking, bike, bus, ferry, train, subway and taxi details.

Basically, the mass transit information Apple Maps is missing. It also provides real-time delay info and a host of other data, like wheelchair easily accessible and stroller friendly courses.

HopStop has both Android and Apple apps covering even more than 300 cities.

Original article…

Ah, Apple’s ‘maptastrophe’. The less stated about it the much better. Nevertheless, at least we understand that Cupertino is making strides to improve its mapping service scenario, with news that it’s has simply bagged a substantial brand-new tool.

Apple’s latest acquisition, Canadian area data start-up Locationary, crowdsources and collates the most approximately date details to ensure that every little thing is recent and accurate.

Locationary not only confirms that something is still in the place its supposed to be, but also if it’s briefly unattainable – if a store is closed for refurnishing or whatever, for example.

Watch out Google, Apple’s concerning getcha

The word originated from ‘numerous sources’ speaking to AllThingsD, with Apple highly recommending the information held true by releasing the following statement:

‘Apple purchases smaller sized technology business from time to time, and we normally don’t discuss our function or strategies.’

There’s no verification that this is for Apple’s map service, however start now, what else could it possibly be for? Apple promised that it would be making efforts to enhance the service, with Tim Cook even providing an apology back in September in 2012. It’s alright Tim, we’ve faith.