Updated: iOS 7 release date, news and features

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iOS 7 – all the latest news

Apple has actually launched the brand new iOS 7, including a radically revamped user interface, brand-new Control Center, transparent animations and more.

The new system will certainly be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the iPad 2, iPad 3rd and fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation, likely due to a few of the more effective requirements of the brand-new OS.

The last significant iOS 6 update for Apple’s mobile gadgets was mainly hit, however there was a huge Maps-shaped miss.

Lots of people were rightly angry about Apple dropping Google information, but beyond that mis-step there were things to like: a more useful Siri (App introducing plus the recognition that a world exists beyond the USA), shared Picture Streams, handy Phone app controls such as ‘send to voicemail’, and significant enhancements to Mail, Safari, accessibility and the Electronic camera app.

However, with the brand-new iOS 7 update we have been provided the brand new interface, along with brand-new means to regulate the phone and ensure that you don’t have to stress over fumbling around in the dark for the torch.

It’s intriguing to keep in mind there was nothing about Apple Maps on the iOS being improved, although it did state that its ‘developers have actually been making excellent improvements to Maps’ in addition to bringing new functions – in addition to mapping information being pushed directly to iDevices from a bigger Mac or MacBook.

iOS 7 release date

If cannot1 waiting to get your hands on the brand-new iOS 7, it’s bad information if cannot1 not a developer: the final release will be readily available ‘in the Fall’.

It’s now available in beta for iPhone developers since today, and will certainly be pertaining to the iPad in the ‘coming weeks’.

We’d heard earlier in the year that the new iOS would show up on our iPad and iPhone gadgets a little later than typical: John Gruber asserting that iOS 7 is ‘running behind’, with engineers being drawn from OS X 10.9 to deal with it.

But fortunately is that was cleared up and we are now getting a release that puts the new iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S release date around the very same time as in the past, with September the most likely time for the reveal.

Apple had assured to offer devs ‘an extensive take a look at what’s next in iOS and OS X’, and it certainly did that with a thorough take a look at the new iOS, detailing a few of the 1500 brand-new APIs that’ll be readily available for the developers to trawl with.


iOS 7 design

A higher synergy between hardware and software application design is something Apple is aiming to attain as it moves to iOS 7.

We saw the most visible ‘leakage’ of iOS 7 from Apple-loving site 9to5 Mac, prior to the launch, and it looks like it was bang on the money with the render it produced from the preview it was revealed.

iOS 7

In reality, we saw a heavily-overhauled brand-new os, one that bore more than a couple of similarities to Nokia’s MeeGo in color and layout. For example, the icons have been given a more ’rounded’ feel, as well as being given a color overhaul.

The typeface has likewise been tweaked as well, with some fancy-looking schematics demonstrating how some things have actually been altered height smart … although it does look very similar though.

Control Center is now a pervasive part of the whole ecosystem, permitting users to swipe up from all-time low of the screen to manage everything from the Airplane Mode to the integrated Flashlight. Music is still available in this screen, while you can likewise manage the brightness on screen without having to exit the app.


This is not really the most novel of systems, and was currently in location when it comes to music and brightness control, but a minimum of now it looks much nicer and there’s a torch/flashlight to have fun with too.

The notifications bar is now a full-screen affair, and will certainly likewise be offered on the lock screen, meaning you cannot0 need to roam around with the upgraded number pad any more to see who wishes to play some boring game with you.

iOS 7 features

Apple chose that while there were a a great deal of enhancements to obtain delighted by in the brand-new release of the software, there were 10 that it wanted to get effectively excited over and inform the world about.

While the design was overhauled, the internal bits and pieces were something of a more incremental upgrade, but one that revealed Apple was planning to the future in its fight versus Android.

Control Center

Control Center is among the huge ones, as it now enables you to regulate the main guts of the phone, swiping up from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad will certainly raise the brand-new center for loads of options no matter where you are.

Control Center

It’s been offered the exact same clear sheen as with the majority of the iOS 7 updates, however offers a great deal of space approximately the music player and brightness controls, as well as making AirDrop and AirPlay the stars of the program at the bottom.


cannot2 most likely impressed with our segue there: Airdrop is now finally readily available on iDevices, enabling you to share anything from an app that supports Share Sheet.

A quick tap on the screen will certainly provide you access to the performance – Apple did not miss out on the opportunity to mock the have to tap the phones together on Android right here – and you can share several products at the same time by adding in even more caresses of the screen.

iTunes Radio and Music

Music is obviously a huge thing over at Apple and the Cupertino-based firm reckons the player it’s chucked into in iOS 7 is ‘the very best music player we’ve ever done’.

Instead of revealing simply the music kept on your iDevice, the Music app on iOS 7 also adds in your library kept on iCloud, enabling you to view all your tracks in one area.

iTunes Music

Turn your iPhone to landscape mode and a wall of album art tiles appear which you can move sideways with, and tapping on one will zoom you into that album.

But delay, exactly what’s that coming by capital? Is it an integrated music service with access to countless tracks streamed to your device, is it an incorporated music service with access to countless tracks streamed to your gadget? (Simply note: this isn’t repetition. It’s a very boring joke, that you can understand here.)


Safari has obtained something of an update, with the very same visual overhaul coming to the browser to enable dynamic resizing of the URL bar, offering you even more area to see what’s on the screen, as well as permitting you to relapse and forth through your browser history.

One cool function is the updated bookmarks element, which sits on the start screen of the iDevice, and looks at links uploaded with your Twitter pals in one location for simpler information discovery – significance you don’t have to fret about that pesky Twitter app if all you like doing is passively seeing your stream.


The Tab system has actually been updated visually too – cannot1 no longer are restricted to 8 tabs open, as the brand-new 3D making will certainly allow you almost unlimited tabs open at the same time, which can also be synchronised across numerous accounts and devices thanks to iCloud Tabs.


The cam app has actually been provided something of an overhaul – there’s not a lot of extra performance included in, even more a modification on the layout taking things to a simplier, swipe-friendly user interface which has a few more alternatives than on iOS 6.

You do get some extra functions in the shape of various lens shapes consisting of square, circle and panorama aspects to lay over the top of your snaps in iOS 7, while live photo filters let you see what your subject will look like in a plethora of results before you even hit the shutter secret.

Photo gallery

Viewing your photos has actually also been provided a Jony Ive surface, with iOS 7 immediately arranging photos by area into groups, which Apple is calling ‘minutes’.

Pinch to zoom out and the Image app will certainly re-draw your photo library into collections, recognizing an outing or recent vacation and afterwards slinging them all into one group immediately.

Photo gallery

There’s no extra performance like the Zoes discovered on the HTC One, or burst mode discovered on the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 – but then again, Apple did not reveal the electronic camera in that much detail.

Zoom out once more and you get a year summary of all the images in your cd, with locations tags to remind you where you were each year. If you want more fun-time performance, then just hold your finger over the thumbnails to see a blew up view of each specific image, and launch your number on the one you want to view complete screen.


Fan-boy preferred Siri has not been excluded with a fancy new user interface and, wait for it: brand-new voices! Huzzah!

You can now choose from male or female modulation of being told ‘no net connection present’ while cultured French and German languages have likewise been included, with more promised ‘over time’.

There are a variety of brand-new commands for Siri in iOS 7 too, such as ‘play my last voicemail’, ‘turn on Bluetooth’ and ‘enhance my brightness’.

The likes of Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing search results have actually all been incorporated into Siri, and Apple assures there’s even more to come from its personal assistant in iOS 7 – remain tuned for more details as it drops.

iOS in the Car

iOS 7 permits car makers to integrate the operating system with integrated screens in vehicles, along with full Siri support for eyes-free use. This means you can finally live the imagine having a Ferrari, making use of Siri but not having a single Apple gadget. Genuinely, the future.

Cars will certainly be able to read your iMessages to you and enable you to determine a response, as well as use other functions such as accessing Maps for directions and managing the music gamer.

iOS in the car

If you’ve a hankering to obtain hold of one of these iOS 7 enabled automobiles then you’ll have to wait until next year when 12 makers will certainly produce compatible automobiles – however Nissan, Honda and Volvo are all there. Score.

App Store overhaul

There’s an all face-lift for the well-known App Store, which we learnt earlier now has more than 900,000 apps, making it easier to discover those tiny programs to fritter away precious moments prior to death.

You can look for apps based upon age array in iOS 7, which Apple is pushing as a fantastic feature for moms and dads, while the ‘Apps near me’ feature will show you the most popular apps based upon your existing place. We presume it’s a great idea to drive quickly away if you all of a sudden near a car park and apps to ‘make pals easily’ shown up on your iPhone.

And something which will most likely please a huge quantity of the Apple fan-base: apps will certainly now update automatically in the background. Most likely this can be turned off, or easy changes that trash an app will certainly leave users powerless to do anything about it.

Multi tasking

And let us get to completion of this interminably long list: Multi-tasking has actually been altered somewhat to enable you to see exactly what cannot1 jumping to in a charming visual manner, replacing the little bar that turns up at the bottom of the screen.

We are going to miss out on that little interface that flipped up and allowed us to see exactly what was going on in the app above at the same time, however the brand-new version is very cool to look at, with the app icon flipping along below the pane.


There’s plenty even more to come from iOS 7 in the near future, so keeping having the odd look back if you need to know even more about the future of Apple’s mobile platform.

What else do we wish to see in iOS 7?

The rest of this article checks out a dozen of the functions we are clamouring to see in iOS 7. (And by ‘clamouring’, we obviously imply ‘asking truly well’. C’mon, Mr Cook – very kindly?)

1. Hide Apple apps

Pretty much everyone our company know with an Apple gadget has a folder entitled ‘Apple’. This is not really fulled of must-have apps from the brilliants at Cupertino, however all the scrap Apple installs that you can not get free off. To be reasonable, exactly what each individual thinks about junk is various, and these apps– Compass, Stocks, Voice Memos, Passbook, and so on– have their fans, however is it too much to request for a switch in Settings that’ll hide those we do not use?

Hide Apple apps

2. Better app management

Change for change’s sake is seldom a good idea. Acknowledgment is key to satisfying experiences with innovation. That’s why we are not chewing out Apple to change how iOS house screens work. Exactly what we want to see is enhancements to app management: even more screens, by default saving app information on erase, and an alphabetical list of installed apps, possibly accessible from Spotlight.

3. Change app defaults

We are pretty certain this request would be met wide-eyes from Apple CEO Tim Cook, swiftly followed by a full twenty minutes of belly laughing, but we desire the capability to utilize non-default apps for important things like email and calendaring. Apple’s own apps would remain the defaults, but you should likewise have the ability to choose your own in Settings.

4. Provide a guest account

It’s incredibly unlikely that Apple’s ever going to enable several user accounts on iOS devices– they are, after all, created as exceptionally personal computers. What’s perhaps more reasonable is some kind of visitor account you can switch to when handing your gadget over to someone for a short while, something similar already exists on the Mac in OS X.

5. Change Siri’s voice

OS X is blessed with lots of top quality voices that witter away to you in various dulcet tones. By contrast, Siri is Siri. In the United States, you get a somewhat robotic woman, in the UK, Siri’s that bloke who did The Weakest Link for a decade. It ‘d be wonderful if you could select the voice your device utilizes to talk. (Possible exception: Yoda voice.)

6. Provide App Store demos

Apps and video games could be cheap, however that doesn’t figure cheapskates into the equation. Too frequently, people are unwilling to run the risk of 69p on the current release, compeling devs into aggravating freemium designs or making them mess up the App Store with ‘lite’ variations of their output. Apple ought to just enable demos: 24 hours from first launch then you buy or the app cannot0 run. Boom.

7. Power up ‘Do Not Disturb’

Fed up of getting gotten up in the middle of the night by the marketing efforts of [redacted, however rather potentially a widely known mobile network] or Video game Center fanfares? Do Not Disturb is a terrific function that allows you to time when your phone will quit pestering you. However you can specify only a single schedule, and we wish to see alternative choices for weekends.

Do Not Disturb: a great start, but it needs separate settings for weekends

8. Make locking location-aware

Locking is a wonderful thing on iOS devices, making it a minimum of a little tougher for some scallywag to obtain at your data if they pinch your glossy Apple delight. But it can be more smart, locking on a location-aware basis, and not when you’re, state, happily sitting at home on the couch.

9. Improve the lock screen

There’s something to be said for Apple’s minimalism regarding the iOS lock screen, and it’s mainly that it’s too very little. We are unsure we want to see Android-style widgets sprayed everywhere, however a little even more performance wouldn’t go amiss. As an example, artwork from a presently playing tune is displayed on the lock screen, but there are no controls for stopping briefly or skipping to the next track, until you double-press House, which is not really hugely visible. And beyond notices, nothing else appears there at all.

10 Cut all iTunes ties

In recent years, Apple’s made terrific leaps away from iTunes, and you can technically get away with never utilizing the monstrous jukebox. However, there’s still no way to easily get your existing music collection nor your photographs on to your gadget, and there must be. (Alas, with Apple wishing to press iTunes Match and the iTunes Shop, there likely never ever will certainly be for the very first of those.)

11. Make more icons dynamic

We are hesitant at arguing Apple’s house screen icons need to be more like Windows 8 tiles, but there’s something to be said for vibrant updates when such things work well. With iOS, you get upgrade badges and a live calendar. It ‘d be nice at the least if Apple made its own Clock and Weather condition icons vibrant.

The calendar shows the date, but why cannot other icons be this useful?

12. Enable cross-platform installs

On a gadget, you now often see iOS-style banners on internet sites that when tapped take you right to the equivalent App Shop app. However if cannot1 searching somewhere else, you’ve to email yourself a reminder then set up later on. How great would it be if you were surfing on your COMPUTER, saw a fantastic app and could install it across your devices without going near them, nor even to iTunes?