Updated: iPad Pro release date, news and rumors

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With Apple’s thinner, lighter iPad Air and Retina display-equipped iPad mini visible, exactly what’s left for Apple to do?

Rumor has it that the Mac maker is dealing with an even bigger iPad, frequently referred to as the ‘iPad Pro.’ We have combed with all of the reports and scuttlebutt to bring you everything we’ve actually heard so far about this claimed iPad Pro.

Apple did something intriguing with the launch of the most up to date full-sized iPad (aside from an overall hardware revamp): Gave it a new name. The iPad Air mentions the Cupertino, Calif. business adopting the naming convention of its laptop computer lines, the MacBook Air and Pro series, for its premiere array of tablets.

Logic would determine, then, that if Apple were to launch an even more sizable iPad, it would be with an expert bent and named the iPad Pro. So, we are taking a look at 2014 for a more recent, bigger iPad getting in a product classification that’s actually seen little success so far. Will Apple be the one to legitimize the ‘specialist’s tablet?’

Cut to the chase
What’s it? A brand new, larger iPad
When’ll it release? Either spring or fall 2014, we expect
What’ll it cost? Likely someplace in between the iPad Air and MacBook Air

iPad Pro release date

The iPad Pro release date will be in 2014, following the iPad Air, which launched November 1, 2013. Nevertheless, there are many rumors concerning the tablet us firm release date.

Unnamed Foxconn sources have actually informed Chinese news site Pad Information that Apple envisionings either a late winter/spring or October 2014 launch date. To further puzzle things, these sources also claim that Apple is working on 2 versions of the pro-level slate.

According to Pad Information, an iPad Pro with a 2K screen resolution will introduce in April 2014, while a 4K iPad Pro will land in October. Korea Times’s sources at a ‘local first-tier display provider’ report that a single variation will introduce ‘at some point early next year’ with an almost UHD resolution.

Even even more sources reporting to China’s United Daily Information, indicate an additional iPad Pro manufacturing partner completely: Quanta Computer. DigiTimes’s sources (hit-and-miss with rumors) recently supported up this report, asserting that Apple anticipated the maker to have either a 12.9 or 13.3-inch model ready. Now, the Taiwanese outlet us sources say that Apple is leaning toward the smaller sized display.

As if to blend things up much more, International Company Times reports that Apple is going for winter season and even a spring 2015 launch, according to its Foxconn sources.

Computer World explains that many US school areas determine their spending plans in January or February each year. So, a fall or winter 2014 launch would make one of the most sense.

The competition already heats up up

Samsung beat Apple to the punch in revealing its 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro tablets during CES 2014. With that, DigiTimes anticipates Apple ‘to launch its rival by the end of the 3rd quarter at the earliest.’

iPad Pro design

It’s uncertain that Apple would do much to change the shape of the iPad Pro in its leap to 12.9 inches, the supposed size most reports indicate. The iPad Air’s design was praised by critics (us consisted of), and early sales projections say that consumers are into it. Nonetheless, an Evercore Partners expert suspects the size to be a smaller 12 inches to align itself closer to the 11.6-inch MacBook Air, AppleInsider reports.

It ought to go without saying that the iPad Pro will undoubtedly be heavier than the iPad Air. To even fulfill the iPad Air’s feathery 453.6 g at 12.9 inches would be a miracle of modern engineering. That said, not much need to stop Apple from fulfilling the Air’s extremely svelte profile at 7.5 mm thin.

The idea designers at SET Option appear to disagree. In the video above, SET Solution dreams of a gadget with an even narrower bezel with sharper edges, a cam with the dual LED flash found on the iPhone Fives, Touch ID and a textured aluminum backing.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro keyboard case

Back prior to the iPad Air unveiling, former Apple other Jamie Ryan claimed to have actually learnt through existing Apple workers that an iPad keyboard case was in the prototyping stage. Ryan went on to say that the keyboard case resembled the Microsoft Surface Touch Cover.

While it did not make the current iPad launching, the iPad Pro would offer the best stage for the disclose of Apple’s exclusive iPad keyboard case. Preferably, this keyboard would link physically to the tablet similar to the Smart Cover does today, however use Bluetooth for the communication. Plus, an included keyboard would all but be a needs to for a professional-grade tablet.

iPad Pro, meet iOS 8

While no reports particularly point to this, it’s practically a given that the iPad Pro will run the most up to date iOS. If the pro-level pad launches in October 2014, then this is nearly a certainty, as we anticipate iOS 8 to introduce together with the awaited iPhone 6 in September. Nevertheless, our pals at MacLife seem to disagree.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro storage

This is Apple’s opportunity to distinguish the iPad Pro from the iPad Air even further. Professionals expect lots of space from their computing platform of choice, and while the current 128GB iPad maximum is good, it may not suffice.

Of course, a 256GB, 12.9-inch iPad would cost a small fortune, but exactly what does the end user care when it’s on business dollar?

iPad Pro home button

You can bet the farm that Apple will include its TouchID technology into the iPad Pro house button. Finger print security has ended up being all but a must-have feature on business laptops, and this expert iPad will need to satisfy that requirement to obtain much better traction.

Rumors point to an iPhone 6 prototype having no home button, according to Company Insider. But that seems an unlikely fate for both gadgets, given that the iDevice kind element is minimalist enough as is.

iPad Pro screen

This is where things get way interesting. First, the Korea Times reported, mentioning Apple’s ‘local first-tier display provider,’ that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will sport an almost-UHD resolution when it shows up in early 2014.

A later on rumor, this time from China’s Pad Information, pointed to both 2K and 4K resolution iPad Pro models in the works. Per the story, Apple is prototyping a 2K model that’d likely exceed that of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9’s 2560 x 1600 (264 pixels per inch) and blow away the iPad Air’s 2048 x 1536 (339 ppi).

A 4K iPad Pro would likely can be found in around 4096 x 3072, beating the 4K Televisions available today. Pad News also claims that Apple means to introduce both of these prototypes in 2014, with a 2K version to come in April and a 4K model to introduce in October. It appears unlikely to us that Apple would launch 2 models in the exact same year. No, wait, that’s currently occurred.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro processor

Again, this should not be a significant shocker. While real reports are scarce, the iPad Pro will virtually unquestionably use a beefier variation of of Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip, if not an all-new A8 processor.

That said, it appears like Apple intends to drop the amount of Samsung-made A8 chips in 2014, thanks to its increasingly intense competition with the Korean handset maker. At any rate, anticipate even further gains in power and battery life from Apple’s most current processor.

It’ll be interesting to see whether 64-bit processing has an impact on the iPad Pro’s business abilities. However what’ll be even more important is Intel’s response to such an item, provided its long-standing relationship with Apple on the MacBook line, Daily Finance recommends.

iPad Pro camera

Not much, if anything, has been stated of the iPad Pro’s shooter. Sinced this tablet will be as huge as (although lighter than) a variety of laptop computers, we would not be concerned too much with what kind of pictures the tablet can take.

More crucial will be the iPad Pro’s front-facing web cam. Will we see a higher resolution snapper on the front for quality video conferencing? Well, we sure hope so. A genuinely HD webcam would get heavy travelers more jazzed about an iPad than ever.

iPad Pro eye tracking

To put an even better point on the importance of the iPad Pro’s webcam, Apple would be remiss not to include eye monitoring technology. The business has already seen start-ups like uMoove thinking about supplying the tech, and IBT’s sources claim that this will be a crucial function.

The iPhone 6 is anticipated to come with eye tracking. Now, all that’s left is to execute them in a manner that makes good sense on an iPad Pro. Showing others exactly what we are looking at on our own screens in conference calls immediately enters your mind.