Updated: O2 customers face wait for 4G on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

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When announcing its new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C phones on Tuesday, Apple confirmed that both would work with EE and Vodafone’s 4G networks, but oddly there was absolutely no reference O2.

Shortly after that the bubbly network alleviated the panic by guaranteeing customers the brand-new iPhones would work on its newly-launched next-gen network, with more information honest.

Some of those details have emerged on Wednesday and, sadly for the network and its consumers, the new iPhones won’t work on O2’s new 4G network for ‘weeks’ after the September 20 launch date.

‘Within the coming weeks’

In its ‘Heaven’ blog site, O2 admitted that it wouldn’t have the ability to get 4G going on phones straight away, due to a setups concern.

We found an O2 representative, who provided TechRadar the following statement: ‘The iPhone 5C and 5S will ultimately work with O2’s 4G network, but we’re presently awaiting Apple to allow the carrier package for our network.

‘We have been advised this will be in the coming weeks.

‘We want to be transparent about this with customers, so we’re providing ₤ 5 off, and plainly they’ll still have 3G connectivity until the carrier bundle is allowed to allow 4G [for the brand-new iPhones] on our network.’

The reference of ‘weeks’ will surely have some users stressed that this 4G shortage on their new gadget will last longer than a month, indicating the ₤ 5 reduction will rankle.

Other network sources have actually claimed the hold-up could be longer to TechRadar, but O2 evidently is not really stressed, telling us 4G will definitely be made it possible for on its 5C and 5S models within a month.

In a little better news, the network has confirmed that the iPhone 5S will be available on its O2 Refresh tariffs, which allow users to pay slightly more in advance to obtain a new phone mid-contract. The Refresh offers will begin at ₤ 119 for the 16GB mobile phone.