Updated: WWDC 2013: all the latest news

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Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote brought with it information of iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, a new MacBook Air, a spruced up Mac Pro and even an Apple music streaming service referred to as iTunes Radio.

So exactly what precisely is new? Join us as we look into the information:

Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple revealed that 28 million copies of Mountain Lion have actually delivered considering that it was revealed at last year’s WWDC, implying that 35 % of Apple’s Mac users are utilizing it now.

But the latest variation of Mac OS leaves the feline-themed names behind and rather takes California as its motivation. The next variation will certainly be known as Mac OS X Mavericks and incorporates folder tagging, improvements to how the software handles numerous displays including AirPlay integration.

You can also make Finder complete screen, for the very first time. Not hugely sexy, perhaps, but it’ll certainly kindly a couple of people we know.

Apple’s also addressing battery life in its note pads through Mavericks – there’ll be compressed memory, sped up scrolling and timer coalescing.

Safari’s had a lick of paint in Mavericks, too – you’ll be privy to a brand-new sidebar that Apple describes as ‘terrific’ in addition to feed of links shared on social networks from within the bookmarks menu.

The brand-new Mavericks version of Safari’ll likewise feature iCloud Keychain, a new cloud-based password keychain that remembers your passwords and credit card information across your numerous devices. The security code, however, you’ll still need to keep in mind in your very own brain – that’s exactly what makes it protected, after all.

There’s a newly revamped Calendar app which has gotten rid of all that troublesome skeuomorphism, as anticipated.

Apple’s included its questionable Maps app to the desktop, which can send out route plans to your iPhone and vice versa. There’s some cool 3D flying around Paris to be done, and it also includes anticipated travel times to your calendar entries.

iBooks is pertaining to Mavericks too, with the ability to sync libraries across Apple gadgets. Uncertain how commonly we will be reading books from our computer screens, but considering that this was on our Mac OS X wishlist, we are quite kindlied with it.

MacBook Air

There’s a whole brand-new MacBook Air in town at the Moscone Center and Apple is promising all day battery life – and it’s developed on the brand-new Intel Haswell chip which is designed for energy efficiency.

Nine hours of battery life for the 11-inch MacBook Air, Apple reckons, and seven hours for the 13-inch. Both designs are in line for a price cut too.

New Mac Pro

As expected and wished for and longed for by lots of is the brand-new Mac Pro – Apple said this was a preview, nevertheless, so we do not anticipate these to go on sale for a little while yet. ‘Later this year’ is all Apple is letting slip.

The Mac Pro has actually been entirely revamped into a mad new cylindrical shape. Apple promises double the performance of the previous generation, in addition to the fastest memory Apple has actually ever put in any product. Its hard disk drive is, Apple states, 10x faster than any previous Mac Pro.

It will be rocking Thunderbolt 2 with 20Gbps throughput, with 6 devices per port and it’s backward suitable.

The new Mac Pro can deal with 3 simultaneous 4K displays, which is practically crazy.

iOS 7

Apple has actually made iOS 7 authorities, with a whole new look to display. Assuring ‘remarkable new functions’ and ‘magnificent new interface’, Tim Cook explained this as the greatest iOS update given that the launch of the iPhone.

When Cook stated ‘sensational’, he was not overemphasizing – it’s an actually appealing design. Skeuomorphism is out and a hot new font style is in.

Multitasking will certainly now be readily available for all apps, while the notices bar is available from the lock screen so you don’t even have to unlock your phone.

Apple explains the iOS 7 upgrade as giving you a whole new phone, but one that you currently know the best ways to utilize. No word yet on how far backwardly compatible it’ll certainly be – we will keep you posted.

Control Center gives you fast access to your settings menu, while AirDrop permits you to share pictures with any iPhone user in your immediate proximity – with no bumping needed.

Siri is getting an entire brand-new set of voices, along with Twitter integration and the capability to read your iMessages out to you, while multitasking has been intensified so that all apps can take benefit. Apps will also immediately upgrade rather of making you faff about opening the App Shop and manually informing them to obtain a move on.

Cars are the next huge tech frontier and Apple’s nod tot hat is to enable vehicles’ built-in screens to incorporate with the OS to read out directions and messages, as well as letting you dictate with the in-car system too.

As well as iTunes Radio, there’s a recently revamped Music Gamer on its way in iOS 7, rather than simply showing the music on your gadget, it likewise shows all the music you’ve stored in iCloud. There’s likewise a brand-new cd art thumbnail summaries and it generally harmonizes the OS’s new visual.

iTunes Radio

Apple has actually just gone and displayed iTunes Radio – say farewell to the iRadio sobriquet, thank goodness.

The Apple music streaming service features iTunes, iOS 7 and Apple TV, and will certainly be complimentary to all who’re prepared to endure ads, introducing this fall in the United States with other countries to follow in the months after.

The service deals with a ‘radio station’ basis, building playlists of similar tunes to assist you discover new music that resembles the kind of thing you currently like – it’s a lot like what Pandora provides, and very just like some services you’ll discover in Spotify apps.

Some of the even more than 200 ‘radio stations’ will certainly be customised based on the music that a user has downloaded, others will certainly be genre or artist based.

If you are not huge on advertisements interrupting your music listening, then you’ll have to update to an iTunes Match subscription.

How does exactly what launched compare to exactly what we thought was coming? See all the pre-show speculation below:

What’s Apple Cooking up?

On to the pre-show speculation! The idea is in the title concerning exactly what Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is everything about.

Like every year, however, it will not only be app designers keeping a beady eye on procedures, because WWDC often supplies understanding into exactly what’s next from Apple.

At WWDC 2011, Apple displayed OS X 10.7 and iOS 5, in addition to exciting about iCloud.

Last year was mostly about iOS 6 (including boasts about a specific mapping app that hadn’t been all it was cracked up to be), however also included hardware to the mix, with Phil Schiller talking up Apple’s note pad range. (By contrast, the Mac Pro got a behind-the-scenes specification bump, and was drawn completely from the EU this March.)

WWDC 2013 offered out in under three minutes, yet all we officially learn about the event is that Apple suches as truly vibrant logos. But on analyzing previous events, donning our speculation hat and controling our iUnicorn wishes, we’ve actually compiled a list of exactly what we will see at this year’s WWDC, exactly what we ‘d like to see and what we probably will not view as Apple officers take the phase on June 14.

What we’ll see at WWDC 2013

iOS 7 preview

The banners strewn around the Moscone Center are embellished with smooth and colourful 7s. We wonder what that can possibly describe.

The rumor mill reckons iOS 7 is getting a significant visual overhaul, courtesy of Jony Ive, in addition to radical changes to Calendar and Mail.

Ahead of the show, some fuzzy and normally suspect images of exactly what’s apparently a handset running iOS 7 surfaced revealing a relatively unmodified homescreen with only a number of tweaked icons to write house about.

Potentially more trusted are some iOS 7 screen mock-ups based upon a beta preview that the crew over at 9to5Mac, showing off some rather substantial design changes as anticipated.

With just hours to go, the WSJ reported that the brand-new version of iOS will offer jazzed up image and video sharing between iPhones, iPads and Macs.

What’s certain is we will see an iOS 7 preview of some sort, possibly flaunting revamped visual appeals, however definitely detailing some brand-new and better features, these can consist of a much better Siri, more eyes-free vehicle integration services, an enhanced lock screen or Alert Center, and even file-sharing by means of AirDrop.

And we are all wishing the company will finally let’s erase the Stocks app.

OS X 10.9 preview

Mac experts have actually claimed OS X 10.9 was held back to guarantee iOS 7 ships on time. It’s simply as affordable to envision Apple’s staggering its OS releases, and OS X 10.9 was constantly due later on in 2013. Regardless, we will be astonished if Apple’s desktop OS doesn’t make some kind of look at WWDC 2013.

Again, we expect some kind of preview, most likely displaying user interface upgrades and even more glued-on littles iOS.

Although reports about iOS-style multitasking are baffling, we’d not state no to iBooks, Newsstand, Maps and Siri on OS X. And happily for us, reports have actually long appeared suggesting that Maps and Siri are being checked for an OS X 10.9 debut.

At the eleventh hour, an SKU bug report has leaked recommending that OS X 10.9 will certainly be offered to developers at the program itself given its listing as being at an innovative stage – specifically at 451 develops of the software. For context, Mountain Lion was Gold Mastered after 269.

WWDC 2013

What we ‘d enjoy to see at WWDC 2013


With reports that Apple now has deals with Universal, Warner and Sony Music in the bag, it looks as though we will at least the fruity streaming service revealed at WWDC 2013 – even if we need to wait a couple of months for a proper launch.

Hours before the huge occasion, the WSJ reckons it’s the within track on iRadio making its launching at the program, consisting of the ‘facts’ that iAds will certainly form part of the service and there will be a ‘Purchase’ button for downloads.

iLife ’13 and iWork ’13

Apple no more refers to collection names – iWork is Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and iLife is GarageBand, iPhoto and iMovie – however we put the numbers above for a reason.

Check out the Mac App Establishment pages for the present versions of these apps and you’ll see how disregarded the OS X versions are, the ex-iLife apps still retain ’11 branding, and Pages and Numbers still refer to ’09.

On iOS, these apps are regularly upgraded, and consist of features desktop users would eliminate for. We ‘d therefore prefer to see Apple offer its OS X software a little love – or a minimum of dust off the cobwebs – and WWDC 2013 would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

An Apple TV SDK

Apple describes the Apple TV as a pastime, however it’s not even that for designers. The device stays locked, with just Apple having the keys to new apps.

For everybody else, squirting content across Wi-Fi from an iOS gadget is the only method on to the Apple TV. We want to see an SDK for the Apple TV, opening it up to a world of apps.

At the really least, the Apple TELEVISION could do with even more material channels, but in the hands of skilled devs and with sufficient wonderful apps and games, it could become another must-have product from Apple instead of a hobby the business may quickly tire of.

Apple TV

The 2013 Mac Pro

Shortly after WWDC 2012, Tim Cook responded to a pro consumer who’d actually emailed outlining his concern about the absence of a brand-new Mac Pro: ‘Our Pro customers like you’re truly important to us. Although we did not have a possibility to discuss a brand-new Mac Pro [at WWDC], don’t worry as we are working on something truly fantastic for later next year.’

A brand-new and significantly rethought pro machine – extensible however not a giant like the old Mac Pro – would most certainly go down well at WWDC 2013.

Happily for fans of the Mac Pro, Apple’s Pro task manager Douglas Brooks let slip that ‘something actually various’ is on its method.

Although such a thing being a niche (pro market) within a niche (desktops) within a niche (Macs) in Apple’s books may scupper its possibilities, no matter Cook’s guarantees.

Retina iMac and Retina MacBook Air

Sooner or later, high-res displays will certainly be the default. Apple has the tendency to lead in such things rather than play catch-up, and its MacBook Pro line’s presently transitioning in the direction of Retina displays.

If Apple’s going to make a dev-oriented Mac-based hardware statement at WWDC 2013 that doesn’t involve the words ‘new Mac Pro’ and doesn’t just involve minor upgrades, Retina displays for the MacBook Air or even the iMac can come true. (On the latter, it ares possible that could be Apple’s brand-new vision for a ‘professional’ Mac, as much as that’d irk certain professionals.)

In very early June, SKU-based tips were dropped that the MacBook Air would be getting the high-res Retina display at WWDC – unless it becomes another Retina-toting MacBook Pro.

What we will not see at WWDC 2013

A single merged Apple OS

Whenever reports appear about Apple welding another bit of iOS to OS X, pundits unavoidably claim that, eventually, Apple will just have a single OS for desktop and mobile.

But Apple cares more about user experience, it’s not imaginable it ‘d shoe-horn a desktop OS on to iOS or compel desktop users to deal with something completely created for mobile and touch. Possibly in a years, the argument will certainly be moot, Macs will be gone and everyone will have an iPad 10 glued to their face, but till then, OS X and iOS will remain different.

A new Apple television/the mythical iTV

We are sceptical an Apple television will certainly occur. People rarely upgrade Televisions (Apple suches as individuals who frequently get hardware), margins are razor-thin (Apple likes margins), and the industry’s under pressure from the supposed 2nd screen, a company in which Apple already does rather well (Apple likes this also).

If an Apple tv did appear, it ‘d almost certainly be iOS-based, and so any ‘statement’ at WWDC 2013 might be slipped in under the radar, as part of a basic Apple TV SDK. The hardware can then be flaunted at a separate event.

Apple iTV

The iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and Retina iPad mini

Although WWDC 2013 will undoubtedly supply us with understanding into iOS 7, we doubt quite any new iOS hardware will certainly be revealed (although it might be possible to think at brand-new features, if software application demos make them evident).

Our reasoning: in spite of acquiring a specific amount of protection in the press, WWDC stays a conference for designers, and a new iPad or iPhone would warrant its own show, where it did not have to share the stage with anything else.

Also, we might be tempting fate a bit right here, by specifying clearly that Apple certainly will not unveil a Retina iPad mini, because, man, we ‘d look so stupid if Apple unveiled a Retina iPad mini that we definitely do not really want. For that reason, Apple absolutely won’t reveal a Retina iPad mini at WWDC 2013. (Crosses fingers.)

An Apple iWatch

Wearable tech! It’s the latest thing, what with Google’s sci-fi specs and wise watches people mostly do not care about! We believe it’s quite unlikely an Apple watch will ever appear, but, once more, like other iOS devices it would warrant its own unique occasion.

It’s not going to appear as second billing to the next version of OS X, after an Apple officer’s got all thrilled about something brand-new and technical that iCloud’s absolutely expected to do (and, in case, most likely will not).

Apple iWatch