Verizon today released a statement letting consumers know that it no longer prepares to throttle users who still have a grandfathered endless information plan that permits endless LTE data usage.
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Verizon is dedicated to providing its customers with an unrivaled mobile network experience. At a time of ever-increasing mobile broadband information use, we not just take pride in the means we manage our network resources, however also take seriously our duty to deliver remarkable mobile service to every customer. We’ve significantly valued the continuous dialogue over the previous a number of months concerning network optimization and we have actually decided not to move forward with the planned application of network optimization for 4G LTE consumers on unlimited strategies. Remarkable network service will certainly constantly be our priority and we remain committed to working closely with market stakeholders to manage broadband problems so that American consumers get the world-class mobile service they expect and value.

Verizon’s LTE information throttling, initially announced in July, was readied to enter into impact today. It would have seen the top 5 percent of limitless data users throttled at times of peak use, which Verizon described as ‘Network Optimization.’

Verizon’s plan to throttle its customers stimulated a fair bit of interest from the FCC, with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler sending out the provider a letter saying he was ‘deeply distressed’ by the decision. Wheeler also questioned the validity of Verizon’s throttling plans and though Verizon responded and its use limitations were allowed under current law, it appears the provider has chosen not to go through with its strategies due to the response from both the FCC and its own consumers.

While Verizon will not be throttling high-usage LTE customers, it has long restricted 3G information use for unrestricted users. Other carriers, such as AT&T, have likewise carried out LTE use limitations for grandfathered endless strategies, and while the FCC is now questioning all providers on their network management policies, no other changes have been revealed.