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Touted as ‘the utmost apple iphone natural leather instance’ by its developers, the Guardian Leather situation for iPhone 6 as well as 6s is a brand-new wallet-style accessory with a project that just introduced on Indiegogo. It’s designed with various features in mind, but the concentrate on music takes the cake: You could regulate the volume from the beyond the instance as well as store your earbuds along the side of it.

I spent a long time with the Guardian Natural leather to check the numerous functions it promises to deliver and also the general high quality of the case. If you’re a follower, you have lots of time to back the Indiegogo task – just under one month left.

Guardian’s design

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The Guardian Leather has a comparable design to the Nodus Access instance we assessed a few months back: natural leather budget instance with micro-suction technology to keep the phone in position, plus a stand function. However there are some crucial distinctions. The Guardian Natural leather well shields the corners of the apple iphone from square one and also bumps while also offering it a bit more support if you’re holding the iPhone case sideways. The leather surface is matte with the Guardian, while the Nodus had a somewhat glossier look.

Open up the instance and also you’ll likewise see that the Guardian has specific areas for holding products. Just two ports below, but one could be for revenue as well as another for cards. Do not anticipate to save your entire life in this situation though.

Underneath the ports for money is a micro-suction spot, which likewise incorporates the entire appropriate side. With each other, they function to maintain the iPhone in area whether the instance is opened up or shut. I positioned my apple iphone in and provided it a very intense few shakes and also it really did not budge one bit. The micro-suction below is super-strong – I simply wish it holds up over time.

The iPhone situation with a creative side flap


I like the look and also particularly the smell of the natural leather. It feels genuine though there’s undoubtedly something placed in between the stitching for the front and back to stiffen up the case a bit. One part that stays lightweight purposefully is the side so it can fold over. Constructed in are likewise covers for the volume backwards and forwards switches, but they don’t work effectively. This component of the situation does not push against the iPhone enough to correctly straighten, however that’s on purpose.

This little side flap is also utilized for twisting around the cord for your earbuds or headsets. I don’t see why you wouldn’t likewise be able to twist around your billing cord as well. The room in between the instance and the phone is so the cables can fit through. I visualize this is very useful for tourists to perfectly combine earbuds with iPhone in any way times.

I’m a fan of the Guardian Leather, yet I do have a couple of gripes. One is that the stand attribute does not work quite well. It’s exceptionally unstable which’s swiftly made evident when you attempt to use the apple iphone while the situation is angled back holding it up. The other is that I dislike how the front cover does not properly align with the edges of the case when you attempt to shut it. It’s aggravating every single time to have to by hand straighten it to look nice.

The verdict


The Guardian Leather is an useful natural leather iPhone instance, especially for 6 and also 6s. It looks great, it – risk I claim again – smells great, it really feels excellent in your hand, and also for a budget case it’s quite safety of the iPhone. Plus the side flap for wrapping cords is a win. The project has actually already exceeded its financing objective of $10,000 on Indiegogo. You could back it to obtain your situation for $49.