You can now play the slots from your Apple Watch, many thanks to a current brand-new video game qualified Double Luck Nudge, produced by legitimate video online game tale Larry DeMar.

DeMar was most notoriously accountable for co-creating the hit 1981 arcade coin-op Defender – a.k.a. the game machine on which the initial Mac group racked up countless hrs playing while assembling the original Macintosh.

Funny how life works, right?

Interestingly, DeMar says that he could see wagering on the Apple Watch ending up being a huge deal, if more states legalize on-line betting that is. Now, the $2.99 app merely lets users play for credits.

‘We want to be out there on the cutting side,’ DeMar claims of his decision to start creating for the channel. ‘We wish to prepare when people are searching for tried and tested winners.’

My actual purpose for including this application tale below, however, is since of the amazing web link with the initial Macintosh. Defender aided influence the developers of the initial Mac, and currently the Apple Watch is being utilized by Defender‘s creator to introduce a brand-new platform for gaming. How’s that for a full circle?

You could check out initial Mac software application designer Andy Hertzfeld’s ideas on Defender here, and download Double Luck Nudge on the App Store here.