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If you are a regular to heavy user of the iPad then you are most likely to contend least some occasions where you’ve to login to an online website. In some cases this might take place when you are connecting by means of a public WiFi network. It’s never ever a wonderful sensation to be getting in login information to a bank site or someplace like Paypal or Amazon or comparable sites when you know you are on an insecure connection.

1Password, the superb password manager app for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac and Windows PCs, has an excellent solution for these scenarios– and other where you desire a safe and secure, rapid means to login to an essential site.

You can utilize their inline web browser to visit the site you should login to and have your login details autofilled for you– without any typing needed. Below’s how:

– You should’ve the 1Password app installed for beginners obviously. You can buy 1Password for iPad for $9.99, or 1Password Pro, which will work on both iPad and iPhone, for $14.99. 1Password was among our choices for Best iPad Apps of 2011 and you will not find a better or more secure password app for the iPad.

– Once you’ve actually the app set up, you can login safely by means of any of your valuables located in the Logins area of the app. So open the app and tap on the Logins section in the left sidebar.

– Then tap on the individual entry for the website you wish to login to, on the right-hand side list.

– Simply below the valuable title you’ll see the website industry. To the right of the URL there’s a right dealing with arrow. Tap on that to open the website in 1Password’s inline browser– as suggested on my entry for Amazon.com:

1Password Login Item

– When the site opens tap on its login or sign-in link, and 1Password needs to immediately fill in your login credentials (username and password) for you. If it does not, you can give it a nudge by tapping on the world icon to the top right of the 1Password web browser’s toolbar. It should then popup a login valuable for the website you are on– tap that and your qualifications will be entered.

That’s it. I’ve actually checked this out with logging in to Amazon, Dropbox, everythingiCafe (my favored iOS forum) and a couple of others. It works like a charm and is quick and pleasing to utilize– as you are doing every little thing in one app.

Thanks to David Chartier at the 1Password developers’ Agile Blog for sharing this really cool idea. Right here’s some background from that blog on this attribute:

To cut to the chase, we can’t add our spiffy little 1Password button to Mobile Safari since Apple is not really feeling the extension vibe on iOS just yet. Have you saw how you can’t add buttons for Evernote, Instapaper, or any of the various other neat tools you can find in the desktop Safari Extensions Gallery? Fortunately, restriction breeds innovation. Because we cannot bring 1Password to Mobile Safari on iPhone and iPad yet, our skillful developer ninjas chose to bring some Safari to 1Password.

If you’ve to log into a site on your iPhone or iPad, you can, naturally:

  • manually kind the site URL into Mobile Safari
  • double-tap your Home button to change to 1Password
  • find the Login item
  • tap the password, then tap copy
  • double-tap your House button again to change back to Safari
  • paste the password
  • go on about your way

Or you could conserve yourself some tapping and switching and swiping and just tap the URL of your Login product. Yeah, you check out that right: we built a browser right into 1Password for iPhone and iPad.

Happy secure iPad surfing.