Week In Tech: Air we go: iPads slim down and Mavericks goes free

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This week, we noticed a disruption in The Force. Maybe it was a busted autocue. Perhaps something disastrous took place immediately prior to it began. Whatever the reason, Apple’s most current keynote was the kind of thing you enjoy from behind your fingers.

As execs fluffed lines and made a hash of their obviously scripted banter, we all had the same thought: ‘This is about as cool as Microsoft!’

The launch could’ve been a horror show, but Tim Cook’s World of Charts was mercifully brief this time around and we rapidly got to the meat: new items.

OS X Mavericks was launched free of charge, new versions of iLife were launched completely free, and brand-new versions of iWork were released for, you’ve actually suspected it, cost-free.

Never mind the software application, however. What everybody wished to see was the hardware. There were brand-new MacBook Pros with spec bumps and rate cuts and the new Mac Pro was teased again: you still cannot buy it – you’ll have to wait till December – however a minimum of you now understand how much you’ll need to conserve.

Air we go: Apple unveils everything

Prices begin at a significant $2,999 (about ₤ 1,846, AU$ 3,088), and as with previous Mac Pros a couple of minutes messing around with the choices list will produce a price so high even a Russian billionaire could balk at it.

Air raising

What everybody truly needed to know about was not the Mac Pro, though: it was the iPad 5, whose new name – it’s the iPad Air – caused some red faces in newspapers the following morning when it became evident who ‘d written their comprehensive guides before the item was actually introduced.

It’s 64-bit and boasts the typical enhancements: two times as quickly, two times the graphics power, and so on. It’s likewise considerably thinner and lighter, however remarkably there’s no Touch ID sensor like the one you’ll find in the iPhone 5S.

iPad Air

Is it any police officer? Over to you, Patrick Goss: ‘It’s hard to put into words how much Apple has improved the iPad, providing a spectacular level of information and power with a build quality that’s unrivalled,’ he says. ‘But the reduction in thickness, and particularly weight can well guarantee that the iPad Air is the finest tablet on the marketplace.’

Not everybody agrees. Our phones and tablets professional John reckons that it ‘fails to bring anything groundbreaking to the table,’ while news editor Kate reckons that it’s ‘probably the nicest of the pointless gadgets readily available.’ Our total knee-jerk score? 4.4 from 5.

We likewise would like to know exactly how the most up to date iPad stacked up versus the competitors. To the compare-o-meter! Right here it protests the Surface 2, and here it protests the Nexus 10, the Xperia Tablet Z and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

The iPad Air hadn’t been Apple’s only new iPad. There’s also the iPad mini 2 with Retina Screen, which – yes! – is an iPad mini with a Retina Screen. It’s a huge step up for the little tablet, as Patrick Goss describes: ‘A much-improved screen, a substantial step up in processing power (hello A7, pleased to see you can join us) and connectivity, and renovations to the video camera make the iPad mini 2 with Retina a hugely improved tablet on the initial.’

Can Nokia light up tablets?

You’ve actually got to be rather confident to launch a brand-new item on the day of an Apple occasion, and you’ve to be two times as so if the brand-new item is a tablet and the Apple event is for brand-new iPads. Say hello to Nokia, who decided that this week would be a great time to unveil its Lumia 2520 tablet. We enjoy the design and the rate and, as your correspondent points out, Nokia is terrific at getting its hardware into the high street, subsidised by carriers and offered by salespeople.

Air we go: Apple unveils everything

Of course, there’s a but – and it’s a however so huge that even Sir Mix-A-Lot may discover it a bit much. The 2520 runs Windows RT, and some of us fear that ‘the issue with Windows RT tablets is not the ‘tablets’ little the formula.’